Mailing Lists


Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
3dprinter-general General discussion about anything related to the project
Aakash-hackers Hacking Aakash range of tablets
Adduser-commits commits
Adduser-devel Development list
Advacs-discuss General discussion list
Alioth-staff-replacement Discussion of alioth replacement
Alsa-cabal List for discusing the Debian packaging of ALSA
Amavisd-new-commits commits
Amavisd-new-debian-devel Amavisd-new Debian package development
Amiga-fdisk-devel Development list for the Amiga fdisk utility
Android-tools-devel Discussions about development of android-tools
Apt-build-devel apt-build development list
Apt-cacher-ng-users [no description available]
Apt-commits cvs commits
Apt-listbugs-commits commits
apt-offline-devel apt-offline development list
Apt-pixmap-repo pixmap-repository list
apt-proxy-devel Mailing list for development discussions.
Apt-proxy-users Mailing list for user support
Apt-spy-commits commits
Apt-watch-devel Discussion about the development of apt-watch
Apt-watch-subversion Commits to the apt-watch Subversion repository are posted here.
apt-zip-devel Developement list of apt-zip
Aptitude-commits commits
Aptitude-devel Primary aptitude mailing list
Aptitude-svn-commit Commit notices for the aptitude Subversion repository
arandr-announce Subscribe here to receive mails about new releases of ARandR
arandr-users General discussion on ARandR's usage and features
Arcboot-commits cvs commits
Athena-team [no description available]
Auto-apt-commits commits
Autonet-commits commits
Autonet-hackers discussion of Autonet development
autopkgtest-devel autopkgtest development discussion list
axel-commits Axel Repository Commits
axel-devel Axel Developer Discussions
axel-users Axel User Discussions
Babel-commits cvs commits
Babel-users Discussion related to the Babel Routing Daemon
Bash-completion-commits Commits to the VCS coordinating the development of bash-completion
Bash-completion-devel Coordination of bash-completion's development
Belocs-locales-data Discussions about locale data files
Bfm-commit subverstion commit list
BitlBee-announce Announcements for new versions or other important things
Blankon-developers BlankOn Developers
Blend-fluxbox-commit [no description available]
Blend-fluxbox-devel Fluxbox blend development discussion
Blend-storage-devel Storage blend development discussion
Blend-tinker-devel Tinker blend development discussion
Blend-working-discuss Working blend discussion
Blends-commit SVN commits
Bootcd-commits commits
Bootcd-user Mailing list for users of bootcd
Boss-devel BOSS Linux development discussion
Boxer-devel Development of Boxer
bts-link-commits commits mail list
Bts-link-devel Developement Mailing List
Bts-link-upstream Bts Link user on the BTS.
Bts-webui-commits cvs commits
Bts-webui-devel Development of the Web User Interface for debbugs
Bug-triage-commits cvs commits
Bug-triage-devel Development list for the Bug Triage and Development Tool
Bugscan-commits commits
Build-common-commits CVS commit notification
Build-common-hackers List for users and developers of CDBS
Build-essential-commits commits
Buildd-tools-devel Discussions about development and maintainance of sbuild tool and friends
Ca-certs-commits commits
Calendarserver-commits cvs commits
Calendarserver-discuss Groupware related discussions
Calendarserver-maintainers Calendarserver Maintainers
Calypso-commits Calypos Commits Mailing List
Calypso-maint Calypso Debian package maintenance
Cdd-commits Receives commit messages from the CDD code repository.
Channel-debian-de-commits cvs commits
Channel-debian-de-devel FAQ discussion and commits
Chase-commits commits
Checklib-devel Development list of the Checklib project
Chinese-commits Debian Chinese Team - Repository Commits
Chinese-developers Discussion about development of Chinese localization
Chrpath-commits chrpath source commits
chrpath-devel Coordination of the chrpath development.
Cipux-announce Debian Important announcements for CipUX
Cipux-devel Debian related developpement for CipUX
Cis-commits commits
CJKUnifonts-devel Font development discussion
CJKUnifonts-HakkaIM List for the HakkaIM subproject
CJKUnifonts-MinnanIM List for the MinnanIM subproject
Clc-devel For people developing clc or developing lisp libraries to use clc
Clc-users For users discussing clc and related packages
Cloud-packages Maintainer list for cloud packages
Collab-maint-devel Discussing development of the infrastructure for collaborative maintenance
Collab-qa-commits cvs commits
Colorblind-commits cvs commits
Colorblind-devel Main discussion about libcolorblind.
Console-tools-commits commits
Crosshurd-commits commits
Crosstoolchain-logs Cross Toolchain logs
Cupt-devel development and maintenance of Cupt package manager
Cupt-user user questions and discussions related to Cupt package manager
cut-team constantly usable testing team
Cvsdebuild-commits commits
Cwidget-devel Development mailing list for cwidget
Cwidget-users List for users of the cwidget library.
D-community-commits cvs commits
D-community-discuss discussions about
D-community-newbie Debian newbie mailinglist
D-community-offtopic Offtopic discussions happen here. Be excellent to each other!
D-i-bugs Bugs reports and all d-i packages administrivia
d-i-commits Commits to the Debian Installer, base-config and tasksel repositories
D-m-team Debian Maintainer Keyring Team
Da-tools-commits commits
Da-tools-discuss Discussion
Daca-devel Discussion of the development of the infrastructure behind DACA
Daca-general Feedback, general discussion about DACA, and the tools behind it
Darts-devel DARTS development list
Dbconfig-common-changes cvs commits to dbconfig-common
Dbconfig-common-devel discussion of issues related to policy or packaging of dbconfig-common
Dbd-firebird-devel Development of DBD::Firebird
Dbnpolicy-commits commits
Dcc-general General discussion on Debian Control Center
Dcontrol-commits commits
Dcouli-posting-commits commits
Dctrl-tools-commits commits
Dctrl-tools-devel Development discussion and announcements
Dctrl-tools-i18n Internationalization-related announcements and discussion
ddp-build Build errors of ddp (from www-master.d.o)
Ddp-commits Subversion commits
Deb-imgs-gen-devel Devel list of debian-images-generator
Deb-scipy-devel discussion about scipy and f2py packaging
Deb-usability-commits Deb-usability subversion commits
Deb-usability-debtags [Moved to debtags project] Debtags discussion and development list
deb-usability-list Main discussion list
Debbits-commit commits for debbits
Debbuggtk-commits commits
Debbugs-commits commits
Debburn-changes svn commit messages get sent here
Debburn-devel Development of the debianburn, free fork of cdrtools
Debconf-commits Where a log of commits will be send.
Debconf-devel development of debconf
Debconf-howto-commits commits
Debconf-video-commits VCS commits
Debconf3-www-commits commits
Debconf5-team-svn-commit notifications on commits to svn
Debconf6-data-commit [no description available]
Debconf6-team-svn-commit notifications on commits to svn
Debconfsubs-team Mailling list for the subtitle team.
Debcontrol-general General discussion on Debian Control Center
Debexpo-devel Development of the debexpo software
debhelper-devel debhelper developers, including dh_ commands not included in debhelper itself
Debian-amd64-commits commits
Debian-arabic-packages Debian Arabic Mailinglist for packaging
Debian-astro-commits Commit messages of packages maintained by Debian Astronomy
Debian-astro-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-ba-users List Debian Users Bahia Brazil.
Debian-ba-wikipage Project WikiPage
debian-br-commits Debian-BR commits
Debian-br-eventos organização de eventos
Debian-br-geral Debian Brasil
Debian-br-gud-am GUD-BR-AM
Debian-br-gud-ba GUD-BR-BA
debian-br-gud-curitiba GUD-BR-Curitiba
Debian-br-gud-df GUD-DF
Debian-br-gud-es GUD-BR-ES
Debian-br-gud-go GUD-BR-GO
Debian-br-gud-rs GUD-BR-RS
debian-br-team-commits Debian-BR Team SVN Commits
Debian-br-wiki Nova lista de administração do site
Debian-cd-commits commits
Debian-coldfire-commits commit spam for the subversion repository
Debian-coldfire-devel Development of the ColdFire support for Debian
Debian-desktop-commits This lists receives commit logs from
debian-edu-commits commits
Debian-edu-pkg-team Debian Edu Packaging Team -- packaging Debian Edu related software for Debian
debian-edu-security Security team for Debian Edu / Skolelinux
Debian-eeepc-commits Debian-eeepc version control system commit messages
Debian-eeepc-devel Development of CDD for the Eee PC
Debian-ezgo-packaging List for DebianEzGo packages
debian-flyers-commits CVS commit messages for debian-flyers
debian-flyers-devel Discussions and work on the debian-flyers
Debian-HA-Commits Commit notification mailing list
Debian-ha-maintainers Coordination Mailinglist for the Debian HA maintainers
Debian-ha-svn-commits SVN commit messages for Debian-HA
Debian-hackage-maintainers Maintainer address of the packages from the Hackage-Debian project
Debian-handbook-translators Coordination with translators of the book
Debian-hebrew-common Debian Hebrew main mailing list
Debian-hebrew-package Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
Debian-hurd-build-logs Builds logs from the Debian GNU/Hurd autobuilders
Debian-id-commits Debian-ID Team GIT Commits
Debian-id-reference Debian Reference translate English to Indonesian
Debian-id-workers Developers of Debian-ID
Debian-in-commits commits
Debian-in-workers Developers of Debian-IN
Debian-iot-maintainers Debian IoT packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-iot-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of IoT related packages
Debian-islamic-commits [no description available]
Debian-islamic-maintainers [no description available]
Debian-l10n-commits Automated commit notifications for the debian-l10n packages
Debian-l10n-devel Development of tools for the Debian l10n infrastructure
debian-lan-devel Development of Debian-LAN
Debian-lego-team Debian LEGO Packagiang Team
Debian-lex-commits commits
debian-live-changes Debian Live SVN changes
debian-live-derivatives Debian Live Derivatives Discussion
Debian-live-devel Development Discussion and Notifications
debian-med-commit Subversion commit notifications
Debian-med-commits commits
Debian-med-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of medical related packages
Debian-mips-dev-discuss Debian MIPS devel discussion
Debian-mobcom-maintainers Debian MobCom packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-mobcom-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of Mobilce Communications related packages
Debian-musician-devel Developement mailing-list for Debian Musicians project.
Debian-musician-fmit Mailing List for fmit package in Debian
Debian-musician-pitchtune Mailing List for Pitchtune package in Debian
Debian-musician-pmidi Mailing List for Pmidi package in debian
Debian-NP-Commits Where the commits in repository are sent
Debian-np-devel Where the bagunca happens
Debian-olpc-commits cvs commits
Debian-olpc-devel development list for debian-olpc
Debian-pan-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-ports-devel Debian Ports official list
Debian-ppc64-devel development list for ppc64 port of debian
Debian-pt-commits commits
Debian-roadmap [no description available]
Debian-rtc-admin BTS mail. Most users should subscribe to instead.
Debian-science-admin debian-science project administration
debian-science-commits Commit messages of packages maintained by Debian Science
debian-science-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-science-sagemath Development issues of sagemath and related tools
debian-seattle-social Social meetings, key signings, and other misc.
Debian-sponsors-discuss Public list to discuss general Debian fundraising efforts.
Debian-tex-commits commit messages and diffs for the SVN repository of the Debian TeX task force
Debian-x86-64-devel discussion forum for x86-64 development on Debian
Debian-xcontrol-commits cvs commits
debian-xml-sgml-commit Debian XML/SGML Group source repository commits
Debian-xml-sgml-devel Developer list for Debian XML/SGML Group
Debian-xml-sgml-oasis Debian-OASIS related messages
debian-xml-sgml-pkgs Debian XML/SGML Group packages
debian-yeeloong-project Debian Yeeloong help and discussion
Debian4business-commits cvs commits
DebianArtwork-Admin Admins and Devels
Debianartwork-commits cvs commits
DebianArtwork-Users Users
Debianchile-group Debian Chile Community
Debianchile-livehelpers Lista para discutir la creación de una distro chilena basada en debian
Debianchile-public Debian Chile Public
Debianchile-users Lista para usuarios de DebianChile
Debiandoc-sgml-commit DebianDoc-SGML source repository commits
Debiandoc-sgml-devel Developer list for DebianDoc-SGML
Debiandoc-sgml-pkgs DebianDoc-SGML packages
Debianintro-commits commits
Debianjr-commits Debian Jr. repository commit messages
Debianjr-maintainers Debian Junior Maintainers
Debianutils-commits commits
debianzine-brazil discussions about brasil
debianzine-discuss discussions about
Debichem-devel Debichem development list
Debichem-users Debichem user support list
debimg-devel Discussion of the development of debimg.
Debix-commits commits
Debmirror-commits commits
Debootloaders-devel SVN commit messages of the Debian Bootloaders project
Debootloaders-emile Debootloaders EMILE Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-miboot Debootloaders miBoot Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-silo Debootloaders SILO Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-yaboot Debootloaders Yaboot Maintainers Team
Deborphan-devel Discussions about development around deborphan
Debpool-commits cvs commits
Debpool-devel Discussion about the development of DebPool
Debref-devel Development of the Debian Reference
Debsplash-devel debsplash devel mailing list
Debtags-devel Debtags development list
Debtorrent-commits Subversion commits
Debtorrent-devel Discussions related to the development of the debtorrent project.
Debwebid-discuss Discussions about the use of WebID for Debian community
Debwww-commits commits
Decaf-commits cvs commits
Decaf-devel Development list
Dehs-devel Dehs developer maling list
Demi-commits Commit messages from the SVN repository
Demi-devel Discussion of the design and development of Demi
Demi-user Discussion of the use of Demi
Demudi-commits Subverion commit notifications
dep-commits Debian Enhancement Proposals commits
dep-plumbing Contact point for problems with the DEP wiki and VCS, etc.
Design-devel discussions about design in Debian
devscripts-devel Mailing list for discussion of devscripts development
dex-census cron mail for the derivatives census
Dh-make-perl-commits commits
Dh-make-perl-cvs-dev Announces changes to the cvs
Dh-make-perl-devel dh-make-perl development list
Dh-make-php-commits SVN commit notification
Dh-make-php-devel Development of dh-make-php
Dh-wizzard-commits commits
Dhelp-commits commits
Dict-common-commits commits
Dict-common-cvs CVS activity monitor
Dict-common-dev Development discussion on dictionaries-common for Debian
Diskless-cvslog cvs commit logs
Dmraid-debian-commits SVN commits for dmraid-debian project
Dms-devel DMS Development
Docker-maint Maintain list
Dpatch-commits commits
Dpatch-maintainers list for dpatch maintainers
Dpkg-cross-commit CVS commit list for dpkg-cross
Dpkg-cross-commits commits
DPL-helpers Work coordination between the DPL and helpers
Dput-commits commits
dput-ng-maint dput-ng's maintainer list
Dsc-maintainers Maintainer Team for dsc-statistics
Dugfaq-commits commits
Dugfaq-cvslog CVS commit mails
Dwn-trans-commit cvs commit mails
Dwn-trans-english For collecting typos or understanding problems with the english original
Edos-commits cvs commits
Egtk-discuss General discussion
Emdebian-logs emdebian repository logs
Eoc-commits cvs commits
Evolution-maintainers Mailing list for the evolution maintainers.
Eximconf-commits commits
Eyecatcher-general General discussions regarding the eyecatcher project
FAI-commit git commit mails
Fai-config-dir-commits commits to the fai-config-dir VCS
Fakechroot-commits commits
Fakechroot-user Public discussion about fakechroot
Fakeroot-commits fakeroot SCM commits and such
Fakeroot-devel fakeroot development
File-rc-users mailinglist for file-rc users
Filesystems-devel Discussion about filesystem utilities packaging
Fingerforce-commits cvs commits
Fingerforce-devel Development list
fondue-commits cvs commits
Foo2zjs-commits cvs commits
Foo2zjs-maintainer foo2zjs Maintainers
forensics-changes Debian Forensics Git Commit List
forensics-devel Debian Forensics Development List
Fortune-commits commits
fortunes-fr-announce Nouvelles version et annonces importantes
fortunes-fr-commit Notification des modifications de l'arbre CVS de fortunes-fr
fortunes-fr-devel Discussion à propos de fortunes-fr, pour les utilisateurs et les developpeurs
Freedombox-discuss Discussion of the FreedomBox project
Freedombox-pkg-team For maintenance of packages related to FreedomBox.
Freefont-devel Development list for FreeFonts
Freewx-maint Message board for maintainers of wx and its deps
Friendsofdebian-commit svn commit messages
Friendsofdebian-discuss developer discussion
Fsf-collab-discuss [no description available]
Fusioninventory-bugs FusionInventory Bugtracker notifications
Fusioninventory-commit FusionInventory Commit
Fusioninventory-devel FusionInventory Developer discussion
Fusioninventory-i18n Internationalization and localization
Fusioninventory-user FusionInventory User discussion
G-a-i-devel GNOME Application Installer Development
gcc-doc-devel Development of Free GPL-licensed Manuals for GCC
Gcccvs-commits commits
Gcombust-announce Announcements of new releases.
Gcombust-commits commits
Git-dpm-devel git-dpm development
Git-dpm-user user support for git-dpm
gksu-commits Commits made to the gksu SVN tree
Glibc-bsd-buildlogs Build logs of the GNU/kFreeBSD daemon
Glibc-bsd-commits SVN commits for glibc-bsd
Glibc-bsd-devel Glibc-based Debian GNU/*BSD development
Gnome-btdownload-commits cvs commits
Gnome-btdownload-devel Development discussions
Gnome22-user General list for gnome2.2 backport users
gnuk-users Gnuk and NeuG
Gnulinux-commits commits
Gopher-Project Gopher Project Discussion
Guessnet-commits commits
Guessnet-devel Guessnet development list
Gxset-commits commits
Hardening-commits cvs commits
hardening-discuss Discussion list for the Hardening project
helix-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Helix packages
Hlins-commits commits
Hostname-devel [no description available]
Hotkeys-commits SVN commits for hotkeys
Hwdb-devel Development of the Debian HWDB
I386-uclibc-devel Public discussions on the i386-uclibc port
Ifupdown-devel Debian ifupdown development
Ihwdb-commits CVS commit messages fr the hardware database
Ihwdb-devel Development and discussions for the hardware database
Initscripts-ng-commits VC-commit messages related to initscripts-ng-devel work
initscripts-ng-devel Developer list for initscripts-ng
Inxi-devel Develop list of inxi
Jetring-commits cvs commits
Jetring-maint debian-maintainer and jetring maintainers
kannada-commits cvs commits
Kernel-handbook-general General discussion of the Debian Kernel Handbook
kernel-sec-discuss discussion/commit list
Kernel-svn-changes SVN changes (diffs)
Kernellabo-commits commits
Keyringanalysis-bugs bug report service
kgb-maintainers Maintenance of KGB packages
Kis-bugs Related packages bts subscriptions
Kis-devel KIS development
Kur-i10n Debian Kurdish Translation Effort
L10n-bot-commits cvs commits
L10n-fr-coord-commit CVS coomits related with l10n-french
L10n-fr-coord-commits commits
L10n-indonesian-devel Mailinglist Debian ID L10N Indonesian team
l10n-russian-cvs-commits The list where the CVS commit logs will be posted to
Letsencrypt-devel Debian letsencrypt Development List
Libacpi-devel libacpi development list
Libdebbug-java-commits commits
Libertas-devel development discussions for the libertas project
libhid-announce Releases and other news
libhid-commits Subversion commit list (read-only)
libhid-discuss Discussion about libhid usage and development
libkdtree-commits cvs commits
libkdtree-devel general development discussions
Libmysql-lgpl-commits commits
libpst-commits Source Control commit notifications
Libpst-devel Development discussion for libpst
Licenses-discuss Discuss inspection of licenses and copyight metadata
Licre-commits cvs commits
Licre-devel Development list
Likwid-commit likwid GIT commits
Lilo-test Only for testing mailing lists to find problems
Linest-user Users mailing list
Lintian-commits commits
Linux-target-packaging Debian LIO Target Packaging List
Linux-wlan-ng-devel just for coordinate developers
Lisaac-announce Major news and very important changes in the project.
Lisaac-commits automated commit notification
Lisaac-devel Discussion about technical development topics
List-commits commits
lockdev-devel lockdev development list
Logcheck-commits A mailing list to receive copies of the commit messages.
Logcheck-devel A developers mailing list
Logcheck-users A mailing list for users
Logguard-commits commits
ltrace-commits Ltrace git repository commits
Ltrace-devel ltrace discussion
Lyncee-maintainers List for package maintainers
Magpie-commits commits
Mailvoting-devel A list for discussion of technical issues of mail voting implementation
Mailvoting-discuss A list for general discussion about mail voting
Manpages-de-devel Development of German manpages
meetbot-devel MeetBot development
Megahal-general General list for megahal use/development
Menu-commits commits
Mergebot-discuss General discussion list about mergebot
Metadistros-commits commits
Metadistros-devel List for discussion on Metadistros integration in Debian
Mini-dinstall-commits commits
Mini-dinstall-maintainers The mini-dinstall maintainers
minicom-announce minicom announcements
minicom-commit Notifications about changes in the minicom repository
Minicom-commits commits
minicom-devel minicom developers communication
Minittml-devel List for minittml development and general TTML discussion.
Mirrorer-commits commits
Mod-auth-plain-commits commits
Modass-commits commits
Modass-devel Discussion about concrete development of m-a.
Modconf-commits Commits to the SVN repository
Modvhostldap-devel Development list
Multiarch-devel Multiarch developers list
multignometerm-commits SVN commits
multignometerm-devel mgt developers
Muscleapps-commits commits
Muscleplugins-commits commits
Musiclibrarian-commits commits
Net-ssleay-devel List for net-ssleay development discussions
Netbsd-port-commits commits
netconf-commits list receiving commit emails from the version control system
netconf-devel development list
Netexpect-users General questions regarding the Network Expect framework
Netpbm-commits commits
Netpbm-devel development of this netpbm-branch
Neurodebian-devel NeuroDebian developers interactions
Neurodebian-mirrors NeuroDebian mirrors maintenance announcements
Neurodebian-upstream NeuroDebian upstream developers interactions
Neurodebian-users NeuroDebian users support and discussions
newmaint-site Maintainers of
Newsadmin-commits commits
Nm-templates-commits commits
Nm-templates-discuss Discussion of the NM Templates
Nonfree-discuss Discussion on non-free
Nsspampgsql-devel Developers list for the nsspqsql library
Nstx-ng-devel development mailing-list (french/english)
nut-commits read only - announce SCM (CVS or SVN) commits to closely track nut developments.
Nut-packaging packaging related developments
NUT-tracker Tracker list
Nut-upsannounce read only - announce for new versions of NUT and related software
Nut-upsdev all-purpose development topics.
Nut-upsuser covers most topics not related to development.
OfflineIMAP-project OfflineIMAP help and discussion
Ombudsman-commits cvs commits
Ombudsman-discuss Discussion list
Online-desktop-maintainers Debian maintenance of the Gnome Online Desktop
Open64-commits cvs commits
OpenPGP-applet-devel The DEPRECATED OpenPGP applet development discussion list
OpenRC-devel OpenRC Debian Maintainers
Openstack-devel Tracking bugs and development for OpenStack
Orinoco-usb-commits commits
Oval-commits cvs commits
Oval-devel OVAL architecture development list
Packaging-handbook-commits cvs commits
Packaging-handbook-project Debian Packaging Handbook coordination list
Pancutan-commits cvs commits
Pancutan-devel Development list
Parl-devel Development of DebianParl
Parl-user Support for DebianParl users
Parted-commits List for automated Parted commit notification
parted-devel Subscriber-only development discussion
parted-edge Discussion for matters regarding the bleeding edge version.
Parted-maintainers List for maintainers and developers of the parted package
partial-mirror-commits [no description available]
partial-mirror-devel [no description available]
Pbuilder-maint Development mailing list for pbuilder
Pcproxy-announce Announcements regarding PCProxy
Pcsclite-commits commits
Pcsclite-cvs-commit pcsclite project git commit messages
Pcsclite-muscle Talks about MUSCLE
Perkamon-devel Discussions about development of perkamon (in English)
Perkamon-l10n-fr French translation of perkamon (in French)
Perl-commits Debian Perl5 VCS commits
Perl-maintainers Debian Perl5 maintainers
PET-devel PET developers' mailing list
pf-tools-commits commits
pf-tools-devel Development list
Pgi-devel A list for development and discussion of PGI
Pgp-tools-commit commit messages
php-apt-parser-maint Discussion about maintenance, development and user tasks
Phpgw-packages-commits commits
Pinfo-announce Announcements of new versions of pinfo
Pinfo-devel Discussions regarding development of pinfo
piperka-devel Discussion on developing
Piuparts-commits Piuparts commits list
Piuparts-devel Piuparts development list
Piuparts-reports Reports from running piuparts on
Pkg-a11y-devel development notifications, bug reports, etc.
Pkg-aa-profiles-team Debian AppArmor Profiles Team
Pkg-ace-commits commits
Pkg-ace-devel Debian ACE+TAO package developers list
Pkg-acpi-commits SVN commits
Pkg-acpi-devel developers discussion
Pkg-aide-maintainers aide package maintainers
Pkg-allegro-commits [no description available]
Pkg-allegro-maintainers Debian allegro packages maintainers
Pkg-alsa-devel Development List for Debian ALSA Packaging
Pkg-amule-commits Commit messages for aMule-Package
Pkg-amule-devel Development list of aMule-Package
Pkg-anonymity-tools Public list to discuss pkg-anonymity-tools
Pkg-anthy-devel Debian packaging for Anthy and related packages
Pkg-anthy-japanese Anthyに関する日本語での情報交換
Pkg-aolserver-commits commits
Pkg-apache-commits commit logs to the svn repository
pkg-apparmor-team Debian AppArmor Team
Pkg-asciidoc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-asv-commits cvs commits
Pkg-audacious-maintainers Debian Audacious Packaging Team list
Pkg-augeas-devel [no description available]
Pkg-auth-maintainers pkg-auth maintainers list
Pkg-awstats-commits Git commits
Pkg-awstats-devel Development of AWStats packaging
Pkg-ayatana-devel The Ayatana Packagers devel list
Pkg-azure-team Azure Packaging Team Discussion
Pkg-backup-mngr-commits SVN Commits
pkg-bacula-commits automatic VCS commits
pkg-bacula-devel Discussion on Bacula packaging
Pkg-bareos-devel [no description available]
Pkg-bazaar-commits Commit notifications
Pkg-bazaar-maint Discussion list
pkg-bet-commits BSD ELF Tools Commits
pkg-bet-maint BSD ELF Tools Maintainers
pkg-bins-commits CVS archive
pkg-bins-hackers [no description available]
pkg-bioc-devel Developers
Pkg-bitcoin-commits [no description available]
Pkg-bitcoin-devel Debian Bitcoin Packaging Team mailing list
Pkg-blender-maintainers Debian Blender maintainers' mailing list
Pkg-bluetooth-commits commits to pkg-bluetooth' svn
Pkg-bluetooth-discuss Debian Bluetooth Discussion
Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers Debian Bluetooth Maintainers
pkg-boinc-commits Commits to the pkg-boinc repositories
pkg-boinc-devel General discussion list for BOINC and related packages
pkg-boost-commits Debian Boost Team's commits
pkg-boost-devel Debian Boost Team
pkg-boost-private Debian Boost Team's secrets
Pkg-bouml-commits cvs commits
Pkg-bugzilla-commits SVN commits
Pkg-bugzilla-devel Debian Bugzilla Packaging List
Pkg-cacti-maint Discussion for cacti related packaging
Pkg-cairo-dock-devel pkg-cairo-dock-devel mailing list
Pkg-cas-maintainers Coordination among maintainers of CAS related packages
Pkg-catalyst-maintainers pkg-catalist devel list
Pkg-catalyst-maintaners Maintainers list for pkg-catalyst
Pkg-caudium-talk Talk about packaging of caudium
Pkg-cdrtools-commits commits
Pkg-ceph-commits Ceph SCM Commits
Pkg-cgit-commits [no description available]
Pkg-cgit-devel [no description available]
Pkg-chromium-commit commit
Pkg-chromium-committ [no description available]
Pkg-chromium-maint [no description available]
pkg-cinnamon-team Debian Cinnamon Team
Pkg-citadel-commit SVN changes
Pkg-citadel-devel Main development list
Pkg-clamav-commits List for commits from pkg-clamav repository - no discussion.
Pkg-clamav-devel development of ClamAV Debian packages
Pkg-cli-apps-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-cli-common-commits [no description available]
Pkg-cli-libs-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-clojure-maintainers Clojure packaging in Debian
Pkg-cmake-commits Cmake's GIT commits
Pkg-cmake-team Debian' CMake maintainer's list
pkg-common-lisp-commits automatic VCSs commits
pkg-common-lisp-devel development list
Pkg-coolkey-commits cvs commits
Pkg-corba-commits cvs commits
Pkg-corba-devel pkg-corba maintainers list
Pkg-cpu-commits commits
Pkg-cracklib-commits list where scm commits get posted
Pkg-cracklib-devel pkg-cracklib development list
pkg-cream-team The Cream Packaging Team
Pkg-cron-devel Development list for the Cron package in Debian
Pkg-crossfire-maintainers List to coordinate maintenance of the Crossfire Debian package
Pkg-crosswire-commits Commit notifications to the pkg-crosswire repositories
Pkg-crosswire-devel Crosswire packagers
pkg-cryptsetup-devel development for cryptsetup packages
Pkg-cups-devel mailing list for CUPS maintainers
pkg-curry-commits Commits on Debian Curry Packages
pkg-curry-maintainers Debian Curry Maintainers
Pkg-cvs-commits Commit notifications
Pkg-cvs-maintainers CVS maintainer discussion
Pkg-Cyrus-imapd-Debian-devel Debian packaging coordination for Cyrus IMAPd
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-commits Records Git commits made to the pkg-cyrus-sasl2 repository
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-debian-devel Development of Debian Cyrus SASL package
pkg-d-commits Versioning system commits
Pkg-d-devel Development
pkg-db-commits Debian Berkeley DB Group SCM commits
pkg-db-devel Development discussion and bug reports for Debian Berkeley DB packaging
pkg-dcc-commits svn commits of pkg-dcc
pkg-dcc-hackers Listed used by the dcc hackers developing the dcc package
Pkg-debile-commits [no description available]
Pkg-debile-team The debile team
Pkg-deepin-devel Deepin related packaging
pkg-dhcp-commits Git commits for ISC DHCP packaging for Debian
pkg-dhcp-devel Development of the ISC DHCP packages for Debian
Pkg-dia-team Dia team maintenance mailing list
pkg-dict-common-cvs CVS activity monitor
pkg-dict-common-dev Development discussion on dictionaries-common for Debian
Pkg-dict-french-commits cvs commits
Pkg-dict-french-devel Pricipale discution sur le coordination des dictionnaires
Pkg-directfb-devel pkg-directfb-devel mailing list
Pkg-dkms-commits DKMS commits
Pkg-dkms-maint DKMS maintainers
pkg-dns-devel Debian DNS packaging
Pkg-doc-linux-commits commits
Pkg-doc-linux-devel doc-linux package development
Pkg-dpdk-devel DPDK packaging team
Pkg-drupal-commits Commit list for the repository messages
Pkg-drupal-devel Discussion on drupal* packages in Debian
Pkg-dspam-commits Tracking checkins to pkg-dspam
Pkg-dspam-misc General Discussion - Debianize DSPAM
Pkg-dspam-patches Patches sent for incorporation into pkg-dspam
Pkg-dssi-devel DSSI package maintainers
pkg-dutch-commit Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-e-commits Debian E17 commits
Pkg-e-devel Debian E17 maintainers
Pkg-eclipse-maintainers Eclipse Package Maintainers
Pkg-electronics-commits cvs commits
Pkg-electronics-devel Developer discussion for electronics packaging team
pkg-emacs-commits [no description available]
pkg-emacs-devel Development list for the Debian GNU Emacs package.
Pkg-emacsen-addons Maintainers list for Emacs addon packages
Pkg-emboss-commits [no description available]
Pkg-emboss-devel Developing Emboss packages for Debian
Pkg-erlang-commits Debian Erlang packages VCS commits
Pkg-erlang-devel Debian Erlang packages developers' list
pkg-eScience-devel Discussion of Debian packaging for eScience
Pkg-escience-soc2009 [no description available]
pkg-eucalyptus-commits pkg-eucalyptus repository commit notifications.
pkg-eucalyptus-maintainers Collaborative packaging of Eucalyptus and related programs.
pkg-evolution-commits pkg-evolution SVN commits
Pkg-evolution-maintainers Debian Evolution Maintainers
Pkg-exim4-commits commits
Pkg-exim4-devel Developing packages for exim v4
Pkg-exim4-maintainers Reach the exim4 maintainers
Pkg-exim4-users User-level discussion and support for the Debian packages.
Pkg-exppsy-maintainers Correspondence with package maintainers
Pkg-ExpPsy-PyMVPA Development and support of PyMVPA
Pkg-exppsy-pymvpa-dev Information for PyMVPA developers (daily tests, commit summaries, etc)
Pkg-exppsy-pynifti User support and developer mailing list
Pkg-fcoe-general Debian FCoE General Discussion List
Pkg-fdt-tools-team Debian FDT tools team
Pkg-fedora-ds-commits git commits
Pkg-fedora-ds-maintainers Maintainers of Debian 389 Directory Server
pkg-fetchmail-maint Bug reports and general maintainance discussions
pkg-fgfs-crew Debian FlightGear Crew
Pkg-fglrx-devel Developpement list for fglrx packaging
Pkg-findutils-commits commits
pkg-firebird-general All discussion related to Firebird Debian packages
pkg-flash-devel Receives bugs and SVN commits for pkg-flash
Pkg-fonts-bugs Bug reports for packages (co)-maintained by the team
Pkg-fonts-commits List for commits to SVN
Pkg-fonts-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
Pkg-freebob-devel Developers and users discussion about FreeBoB on Debian GNU/Linux
Pkg-freeciv-devel Discussion on Freeciv packaging
Pkg-freedesktop-maintainers Maintainers of Debian packages
Pkg-freedict-commits cvs commits
Pkg-freedict-devel Development list
Pkg-FreeDict-discuss List for developers and users of FreeDict databases in Debian.
Pkg-freeipa-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
Pkg-freeipmi-devel FreeIPMI package development
Pkg-freeradius-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-freeradius
Pkg-freevo-commits cvs commits
Pkg-freevo-maint Development list
pkg-friendica-maint Friendica Maintenance Team
pkg-fso-commits automatic VCSs commits
pkg-fso-maint packaging maintainers
Pkg-gajim-commits commits
Pkg-gajim-maintainers Debian Gajim Maintainers
Pkg-galago-commit Commit logs for the pkg-galago packages
Pkg-gambas-commits Debian Gambas Team - Source code commits
Pkg-gambas-devel Debian Gambas Team
Pkg-games-commits Commit Messages from Versioning System Updates
Pkg-games-devel Mailing List for Collaborative Development of Game Packages for Debian
Pkg-games-ubuntu List about Bugs in Games Packages in Ubuntu
Pkg-ganeti-commits cvs commits
Pkg-ganeti-devel Ganeti Packaging discussion list
Pkg-gauche-devel Gauche Debian Package Development
Pkg-gd-commits cvs commits
pkg-GD-devel Packaging of GD and related packages
Pkg-gdb-logs Packaging logs
Pkg-geany-team pkg-geany team list
Pkg-geneweb-translators Communication between package translators
Pkg-getmail-commits commits
pkg-gfs-commits [no description available]
pkg-ggz-commits SVN commit notifications for GGZ packages
pkg-ggz-maintainers discussion among the GGZ package maintainers
Pkg-gimp-commits commits
Pkg-giraffe-discuss Discussing non packaging related topics
Pkg-giraffe-maintainers Packaging related discussions
Pkg-globus-commits commits
Pkg-glpi-maintainers Debian GLPI maintainers
Pkg-glusterfs-devel [no description available]
pkg-gmagick-commit Commit logs to graphicsmagick and imagemagick repositories for Debian packaging
Pkg-gmagick-im-team imagemagick maintainer team
pkg-gmagick-svn-commit commit list
pkg-gnome-commits commits
pkg-gnome-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Gnome packages
Pkg-gnu-smalltalk-commits cvs commits
Pkg-gnu-smalltalk-devel Development list
Pkg-gnupg-commit commit email list for gnupg packaging team
pkg-gnupg-maint maintainer and coordination address for gnupg packaging
pkg-GNUstep-maintainers The Debian GNUstep maintainers list
Pkg-gnutls-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-gnutls-maint Reach the package maintainers
Pkg-go-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-go
pkg-golang-commits pkg-golang commits list
pkg-golang-devel Go Compiler Team
Pkg-goodies-el-commits commits
Pkg-google-commits Commits of the Google Open Source Packaging team
Pkg-google-maintainers Maintainers of the Google Open Source Packaging team
Pkg-gourmet-changes recorded packaging changes in gourmet
Pkg-gourmet-devel discussion for packaging gourmet in debian
Pkg-gpe-maintainers Debian GPE maintainers
pkg-gpm-devel Maintainer list for gpm packages
Pkg-graphite-maint General Graphite packaging mailing list
Pkg-grass-devel Development List for GRASS and Debian-GIS
Pkg-grep-commits commits
Pkg-grid-commits Cvs commit notifications
Pkg-grid-devel General packaging discussions, contact address for control files
Pkg-gridengine-commits scm commits
Pkg-gridengine-devel Grid Engine packaging coordination
Pkg-grub-devel Maintaining of Debian GRUB
Pkg-gs-devel mailing list for Ghostscript maintainers
Pkg-gstreamer-commits [no description available]
pkg-gstreamer-maintainers Maintainers of GStreamer packages
Pkg-gtk2-perl-maintainers Mailinglist used for the Maintainer field.
Pkg-gtkpod-devel Development Coordination/BTS mails/SVN commits
pkg-hamradio-commits Commit messages from hamradio package VCS repositories
Pkg-hamradio-ubuntu Ubuntu Launchpad Notifications
pkg-hamradio-user Debian Hamradio Users Mailing List
Pkg-haproxy-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-haskell-commits git commits
Pkg-haskell-maintainers Debian Haskell Maintainers
Pkg-heka-maint Debian Heka, Lua Sandbox, Hindsight and dependencies packaging
Pkg-hhvm-commits HHVM commits
Pkg-hhvm-team pkg-hhvm-team mailing list
pkg-horde-hackers Discussion list for the packaging of Horde in Debian
Pkg-hpijs-commits commits
Pkg-hpijs-devel HPIJS and HPLIP Debian package development
Pkg-hurd-devel Maintaining of the Hurd
Pkg-hy-society Society of Debian Hy packagers
Pkg-ia32-libs-maintainers ia32-libs package maintainers
Pkg-icc-devel ICC profile packaging
pkg-icecast-devel Development of icecast-related packaging
Pkg-icewm-commits commits
Pkg-icu-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-ime-devel Discussion of issues related to Input Method Environment on Debian system.
pkg-inetutils-commits commits
Pkg-inetutils-maint inetutils maintainers
Pkg-ipsec-tools-devel Ipsec-tools/racoon Maintainers
Pkg-irc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-irc-maintainers Maintainer list for our packages
Pkg-iscsi-maintainers Maintainers List
Pkg-isocodes-devel Development of iso-codes
Pkg-isocodes-utils Utilities and libraries for using the iso-codes data
Pkg-italian-commits Commit lots of the pkg-italian subversion repository
Pkg-italian-maintainers Contact list for Debian Italian maintainers
Pkg-itk-commits cvs commits
Pkg-itk-devel ITK Maintainers List
pkg-j2se-devel Debian Package Maintainers for J2SE
Pkg-jack-devel jack packaging development
pkg-java-commits CVS/svn commits for pkg-java
Pkg-java-kaffe co-maintainance of the kaffe package
pkg-java-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Java packages
Pkg-javascript-commits pkg-javascript commit list
Pkg-javascript-devel pkg-javascript main list
pkg-jboss-commits cvs commits.
pkg-jboss-maintainer Maintainer list for jboss package
Pkg-jed-commit Automatic notification of SVN activity
Pkg-jed-devel Development discussion on packaging JED for Debian
Pkg-jed-sl-modules Maintaining the S-Lang modules packages
Pkg-john-commits Commit list for John the Ripper package in Debian
Pkg-john-devel Development issues and CVS mails
Pkg-julia-devel Development list for Debian Julia Team
Pkg-kaffe-maintainers Debian Kaffe Maintainers mailing list
Pkg-kannel-devel Kannel packaging
Pkg-kbd-commit SVN commits and other automatic messages
Pkg-kbd-devel Discussions related to packaging kbd and other console tools in Debian
Pkg-kde-bindings coordination for packaging of kdebindings
pkg-kde-bugs-fwd This list receives traffic from affecting forwarded bugs.
pkg-kde-commits This lists receives commit logs from git/
pkg-kde-extras List for the maintainers of stuff under pkd-kde/kde-extras.
pkg-kde-talk This list is a coordination channel for the upcoming KDE Packaging Team.
Pkg-kde-trunk Change updates of Qt/KDE repositories
Pkg-kmess-devel Mailinglist to discuss about the development of KMess
pkg-kolab-devel kolab debian package development
Pkg-kwiki-devel Mailing list for Kwiki packagers
Pkg-kylin-devel [no description available]
Pkg-leofs-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
Pkg-libatomic-ops-commits cvs commits
Pkg-libburnia-commits Commit messages for pkg-libburnia
Pkg-libburnia-devel Development chat for pkg-libburnia
Pkg-libgcrypt-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-libiptcdata-commits cvs commits
Pkg-libopendbx-maintainers reach the Debian OpenDBX maintainers
Pkg-libvirt-commits pkg-libvirt git commits
Pkg-libvirt-discuss Discuss virtualization in Debian
Pkg-libvirt-maintainers Pkg-libvirt Maintainers
pkg-lighttpd-maintainers Mailling list for pkg-lighttpd maintaining
Pkg-linaro-lava-devel Developing packaging for Linaro and LAVA software
Pkg-linux-maint Maintaining of Linux (the kernel)
Pkg-lirc-changes Changes in the CVS repository
Pkg-lirc-maint List to coordinate Debian maintainance of lirc packages
Pkg-listmaster-commits cvs commits
Pkg-llvm-team LLVM Packaging Team
Pkg-logwatch-general General discussion and commit list
Pkg-loop-aes-commits Changes in the loop-AES repostiory
Pkg-loop-aes-maint List to coordinate Debian maintainance of loop-AES packages
Pkg-ltsp-devel List to coordenate the package development
pkg-lua-devel Discussion on Lua packaging
Pkg-lustre-maintainers Administrative email for Debian uploads.
Pkg-lustre-svn-commit Svn commit mails for pkg-lustre
pkg-lvm-commits [no description available]
pkg-lvm-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-lxc-devel [no description available]
Pkg-lxde-maintainers Maintainers of Debian LXDE packages
pkg-lxqt-devel Discussion of issues related to LXQt on Debian system.
pkg-lynx-commits Diffs for Git Commits of pkg-lynx
pkg-lynx-maint Lynx Package Maintainers
Pkg-lyx-devel Debian LyX packaging discussion list
Pkg-Mactel-Devel Discussions on Mactel software integration
pkg-mad-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-madwifi-maintainers Maintainers of Debian madwifi packages
pkg-maemo-commits cvs commits
pkg-maemo-devel Debian Maemo Development
pkg-maemo-maintainers Debian Maemo Maintainers
Pkg-mailman-hackers Discussion list for the packaging of Mailman in Debian
Pkg-mailscanner-commits commits
Pkg-mailutils-commits commits
pkg-mali-devel Mali packaging project mailing list
Pkg-mame-devel Debian packaging of MAME and related software
Pkg-manpages-fi-devel General discussion about development
Pkg-manpages-fr-commits Git commits
pkg-mate-commits MATE Vcs Commits
pkg-mate-team MATE Packaging Team
Pkg-matrix-maintainers Matrix packaging team mailing list
Pkg-mc-commits Commit mailinglist
Pkg-mc-devel Development Mailinglist for discussion
pkg-mdadm-commits List that receives commits from the version control system
pkg-mdadm-devel List to discuss maintainance and development issues
Pkg-mediawiki-commits [no description available]
Pkg-mediawiki-devel Maintenance team for the mediawiki package
Pkg-meego-maintainers Debian MeeGo Maintainers
Pkg-mesa-devel Development and maintainance of pkg-mesa
Pkg-middleware-maintainers Maintainers of middleware packages on Debian
Pkg-mlmmj-devel Debian MLMMJ Maintainers
Pkg-modperl2-commits commits
Pkg-mol-commits List to receive SVN commit messages from Mac-On-Linux package development
Pkg-mol-devel List to coordinate Mac-On-Linux package development
Pkg-mongodb-maintainers MongoDB maintainers mailinglist
Pkg-monitoring-maintainers pkg-monitoring maintainers list
Pkg-mono-devel General packaging discussions, contact address for control files
pkg-mono-group [no description available]
Pkg-mono-svn-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-moodle-commits List to receive svn commit messages
Pkg-moodle-talk [no description available]
Pkg-mopidy-commits pkg-mopidy repository commits
Pkg-mopidy-team pkg-mopidy team
Pkg-mozext-commits Mozilla extensions maintainers GIT commits
Pkg-mozext-maintainers Mozilla extension maintainers
Pkg-mozilla-bio-maint Maitainers of Mozilla bioinformatics extensions packages
Pkg-mozilla-commits git commits
pkg-mozilla-maintainers Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages
Pkg-mpd-commits vcs commits for mpd related packages
Pkg-mpd-maintainers Debian mpd maintainers
pkg-mt-om-devel Movable Type and OpenMelody Debian package development
pkg-mtpolicyd-maintainers Maintenance of mtpolicyd
Pkg-multidistrotools-commits cvs commits
Pkg-multidistrotools-maintainers Development list
pkg-multimedia-commits cvs commits
pkg-multimedia-maintainers Debian multimedia packages maintainers
Pkg-muse-commits commits
Pkg-muse-cvslog CVS commit logs to the Debian-specific repository of MusE
pkg-mutt-commits VCS commits
Pkg-mutt-maintainers Mutt maintainers
Pkg-mwavem-devel mwavem packaging development
Pkg-mysql-commits cvs commits
pkg-mysql-maint Contact the MySQL maintainers
Pkg-mysql-testresults automated MySQL build results to go here
Pkg-mythtv-commits svn commits from pkg-mythtv
pkg-mythtv-maintainers Maintainers mailing list for pkg-mythtv
pkg-n900-maint nokia n900 packaging maintainers
Pkg-nagios-changes commits to pkg-nagios repositories
Pkg-nagios-devel Team Maintenance of the nagios package.
Pkg-nav-commits SVN commit messages
Pkg-net-snmp-commits commits
Pkg-net-snmp-devel Development of NetSNMP Debian Packages
Pkg-net-tools-maintainers Net-tools package maintaienrs
pkg-netatalk-devel Development of Netatalk packaging
Pkg-netfilter-devel Netfilter package team discussion
pkg-netfilter-team Maling list for the pkg-netfilter team
Pkg-nethack-bugs Bugs on the Debian package of Nethack
Pkg-nethack-devel Common contact point for Nethack Debian package co-development
Pkg-netmeasure-discuss Internet Measure Packaging Team Discussion
Pkg-netsim-devel [no description available]
Pkg-nginx-maintainers nginx maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-devel pkg-nlp-ja development mailinglist for maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-discuss discussion for pkg-nlp-ja maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-test [no description available]
pkg-ntp-maintainers Debian NTP Maintainers
pkg-nvidia-commits NVIDIA packaging commits
pkg-nvidia-devel [no description available]
Pkg-nx-commits SVN commit mailinglist
Pkg-nx-group Mailinglist about freenx packaging
Pkg-ocaml-maint-ara-devel Mailing list for discussion of ara development issues
Pkg-ocaml-maint-changes PTS notifications for OCaml related packages
Pkg-ocaml-maint-commits ocaml SVN commit messages
Pkg-octave-commit Git activity notifications
Pkg-octave-devel Development discussion for Octave/Debian
Pkg-ofed-commits Git commits for pkg-ofed
Pkg-ofed-devel OFED and Debian Developement and Discussion
Pkg-ofl-fonts-devel OFL font packaging development
Pkg-openca-devel Private list for developpers of project only
Pkg-openca-users Public list for users of OpenCA's debian packages
Pkg-opencl-commits OpenCL packaging commits
Pkg-opencl-devel Discussion about OpenCL packaging in Debian
Pkg-openldap-commits commits
Pkg-openldap-devel Developer discussions about the Debian OpenLDAP packages
Pkg-openmpi-commits svn commits
Pkg-openmpi-maintainers Discussion and contact list for Debian OpenMPI maintainers
Pkg-opennebula-devel [no description available]
Pkg-openoffice-commits pkg-openoffice VCS commits
pkg-opensc-commit git commit messages for opensc
pkg-opensc-maint Debian OpenSC Maintainers
Pkg-openssl-changes svn commit messages etc.
Pkg-openssl-devel Package Development List for OpenSSL packages.
Pkg-opt-media-team Optical Media Tools Team
Pkg-oracle-maint General list about Oracle in Debian
Pkg-osg-devel Development mailing list for OpenSceneGraph Debian Packages
Pkg-osm-commits [no description available]
Pkg-osm-maint [no description available]
Pkg-oss4-maintainers Oss4 packaging maintainers
Pkg-ossec-devel Development of the Ossec package
Pkg-ossim-devel Discussion list for development of OSSIM related packages
Pkg-otr-team Debian OTR Team list
Pkg-otrs-devel development of the Debian OTRS package
Pkg-owncloud-commits Git/SCM commits in the ownCloud for Debian repositories
Pkg-owncloud-maintainers Maintainers of the ownCloud for Debian packages
Pkg-pagekite-devel Packaging development
Pkg-parrot-devel Debian Parrot Maintainers
Pkg-parsix-commits cvs commits
Pkg-pciutils-commits CVS commit messages
Pkg-pciutils-discuss Discussion list for pciutils packaging
Pkg-pdns-maintainers Reach the Debian PowerDNS maintainers
Pkg-perl-cvs-commits CVS commits
pkg-perl-maintainers Mailinglist used for the Maintainer field.
Pkg-phototools-commits Debian PhotoTools Git commits
Pkg-phototools-devel Debian PhotoTools Maintainers
pkg-php-commits List for PHP Commits
pkg-php-maint List for PHP Maintainers
pkg-php-pear PEAR modules packaging
Pkg-php-pecl PECL modules packaging
pkg-phpgedview-commit Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-pigeonair-commits Commit logs for the pkg-pigeonair packages
Pkg-pigeonair-devel Discussion list for the pkg-pigeonair packages
pkg-pnet-commits Debian DotGNU Portable .NET Commits
Pkg-pnet-devel Debian DotGNU Portable .NET Team
Pkg-postgresql-private Debian PostgrSQL packing - co-maintainers only
Pkg-postgresql-public Public discussion of Debian PostgreSQL package
Pkg-privacy-commits pkg-privacy commit notifications
Pkg-privacy-maintainers pkg-privacy discussion list
Pkg-proftpd-commits commits
Pkg-proftpd-maintainers ProFTP packages maintainace team
Pkg-protobuf-devel Debian protobuf packaging
pkg-pulseaudio-devel Package developement discussion
Pkg-puppet-devel Development of puppet packages
Pkg-python-commits commits
pkg-python-debian-commits commits
pkg-python-debian-discuss Discussion, development and review of Debian Python modules
pkg-python-debian-maint Maintainer list for the python-debian package
pkg-qemu-devel Coordination of qemu packaging
Pkg-qof-commits Revision control commit reports
Pkg-qof-maintainers Debian QOF packaging team
Pkg-r-builders Debian (and other Linux) R Package Binary Builder Discussion
Pkg-r-commits Git commits to repositories
Pkg-r-maintainers Default Maintainer Mailing list
Pkg-rakudo-devel Debian Rakudo Maintainers development mailing list
Pkg-ralink-commits cvs commits
Pkg-ralink-devel Discussion list for ralink debian packaging developpers
Pkg-raspi-maintainers [no description available]
pkg-remote-commits Commits of the Debian Remote Team
pkg-remote-team Debian Remote Maintainers Team
Pkg-request-tracker-commits commits
pkg-request-tracker-maintainers Maintainer's alias
Pkg-roundcube-commits cvs commits
Pkg-roundcube-devel Discussion list for roundcube debian packaging
Pkg-roundcube-maintainers Mailing list for roundcube maintainers
Pkg-rox-devel Development oriented list for pkg-rox
Pkg-rpm-devel Packaging RPM stuff dev list
Pkg-rrdtool-commits cvs commits
pkg-rrdtool-maint Debian rrdtool maintainers
Pkg-rrfw-general General RRFW packaging mailing list
Pkg-rt-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-extras-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers Maintainers of the Debian Ruby Extras packages
Pkg-running-devel Development mailing list
Pkg-rust-maintainers Rust maintainers ML
Pkg-sage-commits cvs commits
Pkg-salt-discussion [no description available]
pkg-salt-team [no description available]
Pkg-sam-commits commits
Pkg-samba-maint list for discussion among the Samba package maintainers
pkg-sass-devel Development of Sass+Compass packaging
Pkg-scala-commits Scala commit messages
pkg-scheme48-maintainers Maintainers of Scheme48-related packages
Pkg-scicomp-commits Scientific computing packages subversion commits mailing list
Pkg-scicomp-devel Scientific computing packages developer mailing list
Pkg-scid-commits commits
Pkg-science-devel Science packages developers
Pkg-screen-commits commits
pkg-sdl-commits [no description available]
Pkg-sdl-maintainers Debian SDL packages maintainers
Pkg-securepass-commits Git commits
Pkg-securepass-devel Debian SecurePass Maintainers
Pkg-security-team Official Maintainer email for pkg-security
Pkg-shadow-commits Automated commit notifications for the shadow package development
Pkg-shadow-devel Mailing-list for developers of the Debian package for shadow
Pkg-shibboleth-devel Debian Shibboleth packaging discussion
Pkg-shinken-maint Shinken Debian packages maintainers
Pkg-shotwell-maint Maintainers of Debian Shotwell packages
Pkg-silc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-silc-devel Debian SILC development
Pkg-sirius-devel Sirius packaging development discussion
Pkg-sks-commit Commits to SKS SVN Repository
Pkg-sks-submit Submits to SKS SVN Repository
Pkg-snort-commits commits
Pkg-sogo-maintainers Debian SOGo Maintainers
Pkg-songbird-maint [no description available]
Pkg-spca5xx-devel Debian maintainers of spca5xx packages
Pkg-sql-ledger-commit RCS commit messages
Pkg-sql-ledger-discussion General discussion list
Pkg-squeak-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
pkg-squid-commits Squid Packages Commits List
pkg-squid-devel Squid Packages Maintainers List
Pkg-sssd-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
Pkg-stud-maintainers Mailing list for stud maintainers
pkg-subversion-maintainers Contact list for Debian Subversion maintainers
Pkg-sudo-maintainers reach the Debian sudo maintainers
pkg-sugar-commit Sugar packaging git commit messages
pkg-sugar-devel Sugar packaging development discussion
Pkg-svgalib-commits commits
Pkg-swan-devel Development list for *Swan IPsec tools
Pkg-sylpheed-commits commits
Pkg-symfony-commits Symfony packages related commits
Pkg-symfony-maint List for Symfony Maintainers
Pkg-sympa-commits Debian Sympa Git commits
Pkg-sympa-devel Debian Sympa Maintainers
pkg-synfig-devel Synfig Animation Studio packaging group
Pkg-systemd-maintainers Debian systemd Maintainers
Pkg-systemimager-commits cvs commits
Pkg-sysvinit-commits Commit messages from the project source repository
Pkg-sysvinit-devel Discussion on packaging and developing sysvinit
pkg-tasktools-discuss Tasktools Discussion List
Pkg-tcltk-commits SVN commits for pkg-tcltk project
Pkg-tcltk-devel debian tcl/tk developers discussion
Pkg-tcpcrypt-discuss discussion about packaging tcpcrypt for debian
Pkg-telepathy-commits git commits
Pkg-telepathy-maintainers List for pkg-telepathy package maintance
Pkg-tetex-commits For every subversion commit, a diff will automatically be sent to this list
Pkg-texlive-maint Maintainer address of the texlive packages
Pkg-tigervnc-devel Debian Packaging of TigerVNC
Pkg-torrus-general General mailing list for discussion of packaging Torrus for Debian
Pkg-torrus-maintainers Reach the torrus maintainers
pkg-tpctl-commits List that receives commit messages from the version control system
pkg-tpctl-devel pkg-tpctl development mailing list
Pkg-trac-commits cvs commits
Pkg-trac-devel Trac Packaging
Pkg-tryton-vcs-test [no description available]
pkg-turbogears-devel Technical discussion on the TurboGears Debian package
pkg-tuxfrw-devel Development of the Debian Package for tuxfrw
Pkg-ulog-acctd-general General discussion about ulog-acctd
Pkg-uml-commit Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers source repository commits
Pkg-uml-devel Developer list for Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers
Pkg-uml-pkgs Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers packages
Pkg-urxvt-maintainers Coordination of package maintenance
Pkg-utopia-commits Commit logs for the pkg-utopia packages
Pkg-utopia-devel Discussion list for the project utopia packages
Pkg-utopia-maintainers Maintainers for pkg-utopia packages
pkg-uWSGI-devel uWSGI packaging development
Pkg-vala-commits cvs commits
Pkg-vala-devel Discussion list for the pkg-vala packages
Pkg-vala-maintainers Maintainers for pkg-vala packages
Pkg-varnish-commits Commits to the repository
Pkg-varnish-devel Coordination of Debian packaging of Varnish
pkg-vdr-dvb-changes List for Changes in CVS-Repository of pkg-vdr-dvb
pkg-vdr-dvb-devel Package Development List for VDR and VDR-related packages.
Pkg-vexim-devel [no description available]
Pkg-vexim-user [no description available]
pkg-vim-group [no description available]
pkg-vim-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-virtualbox-commits VirtualBox SVN changes
Pkg-virtualbox-devel VirtualBox main list
Pkg-virtuoso-commits Commits of the Virtuoso packages
Pkg-virtuoso-maintainers Maintainers of the Virtuoso packages
Pkg-vnc-commits commits
Pkg-vnc-devel Maintenance of vnc packages for Debian
Pkg-voip-commits Mailing list for SVN commit messages
Pkg-voip-maintainers VoIP package maintainers list
Pkg-vserver-commits commits
Pkg-vsquare-changes Commit logs
Pkg-vsquare-devel [no description available]
Pkg-web2py-devel Development list for web2py packaging
Pkg-webkit-commits git commits
Pkg-webkit-maintainers Debian WebKit Maintainers
pkg-wicd-maint Debian WICD Packaging Team
pkg-wine-party Debian Wine Party (Team/Group)
Pkg-wmaker-commits Git commit messages for Window Maker Team packages
Pkg-wmaker-devel wmaker and dockapps packages developer mail list
Pkg-wmaker-maintainers Maintenance of Window Maker Team packages
pkg-wml-maintainers Debian WML Maintainers
Pkg-wpa-devel WPA Development on Debian
Pkg-x2go-announce Git announcements for packages maintained by the Pkg-X2go Team
Pkg-x2go-commits Git commits for packages maintained by the Pkg-X2go Team
Pkg-x2go-devel All concerns on X2go packaging for Debian
Pkg-xbmc-maintainers Maintainers mailing list for pkg-xbmc
Pkg-xchat-maintainers Debian X-Chat Maintenance Team
Pkg-xdialog-commits Xdialog SVN Commits Notifications
Pkg-xen-changes Team commits to pkg-xen repositories
Pkg-xen-devel Team Maintenance of the xen package.
Pkg-xerces-commits CVS Commit list
Pkg-xfce-commits Subversion repository commit logs
Pkg-xfce-devel Debian Xfce Maintainers
pkg-xiph-commits List for SVN commits of the pkg-xiph project
pkg-xiph-maint List for the Debian Maintainers
Pkg-xmms2-commits cvs commits
Pkg-xmpp-commits pkg-xmpp commit list
Pkg-xmpp-devel pkg-xmpp main list
pkg-xmule-commits CVS commits for pkg-xmule
pkg-xmule-maintainers xMule Debian package maintenance, coordination and discussion
Pkg-xorp-commits cvs commits
Pkg-xt-commits commits
pkg-xtuple-maintainers Discussion of xTuple packaging in Debian
Pkg-zenoss-commits cvs commits
Pkg-zenoss-team Zenoss Packaging Team Mailing List
Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel ZFS on Linux packaging
Pkg-zlib-commits cvs commits
pkg-zope-commits GNU arch commit reports
pkg-zope-developers Zope package(s) developers list
Pkg-zsh-commits commits
Pkg-zsh-devel Development Mailinglist for the Debian packaging of Zsh
PKI-Clean-Room-Devel Development mailing list
Planet-debian-commits cvs commits
Pmount-commits cvs commits
Po4a-commits Cvs commit notifications
Po4a-devel Discussions about development around po4a
Pommed-commits cvs commits
Pommed-devel Development list
Popcon-commits CVS Commit messages for popularity-contest
Popcon-developers A forum for the popcon developers
Pornview-commits commits
Printing-debian-discuss Discuss the Art project "Printing Debian"
py3porters-devel Do Python 3 porting
Python-apps-commits svn commits
Python-apps-team Debian Python Applications Team
python-daemon-announce Announcements related to the ‘python-daemon’ library
python-daemon-bugs Bug tracker notifications for ‘python-daemon’ project
python-daemon-devel Development discussion for the ‘python-daemon’ library
Python-lockfile-announce Announcements related to the ‘python-lockfile’ library
python-lockfile-devel Development discussion for the ‘python-lockfile’ library
Python-modules-commits Debian Python Modules Team - Repository Commits
Python-modules-team Debian Python Modules Team
Qa-commits commits
Qa-debsources Debsources development discussions
Qa-jenkins-dev Discussions for the development of
Qa-jenkins-scm SCM mails for the development of
Quantian-announce Quantian announcements lists (low volume)
Raspbian-devel Topics related to development of raspbian
Raspbian-mirrors for those operating raspbian mirrors
Reportbug-commits Commit messages for Reporbug project
Reportbug-maint reportbug development list
Reportbug-ng-commits cvs commits
Repositories-commits cvs commits.
Repositories-devel General discussion
Reproducible-bugs Bug reports for the Reproducible Builds project
Reproducible-builds Reproducible Builds discussion list
Reproducible-commits Commit messages for the Reproducible Builds project
Resolvconf-devel [no description available]
Restricted-changes Debian Restricted SVN changes
Restricted-devel Debian Restricted main list
Rmrf-commit Commit Mails for the git repository
Rsbackup-maint List for discussing the debian package of rsbackup
Samsaadhani-devel Discussions related to the development of Samsaadhani
sane-announce Release and other important announcements
sane-commit Notices about commits to the SANE git tree
Sane-commits commits
sane-devel Discussion about SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) for users and developers
sane-standard Discussion about the SANE standard
Sargeristatus-commits commits
Secure-testing-changes receives changes files for uploads to the apt repository
Secure-testing-commits commits to the security-tracker repository
Secure-testing-team discussions amoung and with the team
Selinux-announce SELinux on Debian Announcements
SELinux-devel SELinux packaging and policy development
Selinux-user SELinux on Debian user talk
Shootout-discuss Mailing list for discussing benchmarks, implementations, and test methodology.
Shootout-list OBSOLETE - Please use the Discussion Forum
Showme-devel ShowMe development discussion
Simple-cdd-devel simple-cdd development
Siteadmin-commits commits
Skami-contact The mailinglist of Sign key and mail it
Slbackup-bugs Bugreports on slbackup and webmin-slbackup
slbackup-commit Commit messages from the CVS-repository
slbackup-users Anything related to slbackup
Smsclient-devel For discussion of smsclient development
Soc-coordination Coordination of Google's Summer of Code projects
Spip-commits cvs commits
Spip-maintainers Main mailing list for maintainers
spl-discuss General discussion list for software product lines in the context of Debian
Splashy-devel here we discuss about new features and the splash's code
Splashy-users Here users can submit their errors and ask questions
Spoolfax-general public list for general discussion
ssmtp-commits ssmtp svn comits mailing list
Stardata-common-devel Discussion of the development of the stardata common framework
Surfraw-commits commits
Surfraw-devel Surfraw development list for discussion and coordination
Swedish-dictionary Discussssion about the Swedish Dictionary package in Debian.
Swiftsieve-devel discussion and development list
Synaptic-commits commits
Syslog-ng-maintainers Debian syslog-ng maintainance list
systraq-commit Version Control Commit Messages and Diffs
Tahoe-debian Tahoe-LAFS is a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem
Teammetrics-discuss Discussion list for Debian Teams Activity Metrics
Template-commits cvs commits
Tetriword-commits commits
Todi-devel Developers list for Todi Linux Distribuiton
Tokyodebian-2005 work submissions mailinglist for year 2005
Tokyodebian-2006 work public mailing list for 2006.
Tokyodebian-2007 mailing list for year 2007
Tokyodebian-2008 Homework postings for tokyodebian meeting
Tokyodebian-2009 Tokyo Debian 2009 list.
Tokyodebian-2010 Tokyo debian 2010 list.
Tokyodebian-commits commit logs for tokyodebian
tryton-debian Tryton package maintenance in Debian
tryton-debian-vcs VCS commits on Tryton packages in Debian
Tts-project Allows users, developpers, packagers and so to share their experience in tts
Turqstat-commits commits
Tux4kids-commits svn commits
Tux4kids-discuss discussion mailinglist for the tux4kids project
Tux4kids-tuxmath-scm tuxmath commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxpaint-scm tuxpaint commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev development list for tuxtype
Tux4kids-tuxtype-scm tuxtype commit list (not used)
ubuntu-dev-team Ubuntu Developers Maintanenance Team
Ucf-commits commits
update-manager-devel update-manager development discussion
Update-resolv-commits commits
Update-resolv-devel Discussion of update-resolv and resolvconf project
Us8181-announce Announce list for the project. New releases, main design decisions, etc.
Us8181-devel development list, subscribe for this list if you want to participiate
Usbmount-commit Automatic notifications of SVN activity
Utnubu-commits Commits to repositories
Utnubu-discuss General Discussion List
Utnubu-maintainers List for package maintainance
Utnubu-svn-commits svn commits in our svn repository
Vamos-commits cvs commits
Vamos-devel Vamos development mailing list
vcs-pkg-commits list receiving commit emails from the version control system
vcs-pkg-discuss Discussions on using VCS for distro packaging
Virtual-pkg-base-commits cvs commits (not used)
Virtual-pkg-base-maintainers Maintainer list
Vlosuts-commits cvs commits
Vlosuts-devel Development Mailing List
Vmdebootstrap-devel Development of vmdebootstrap, patches etc.
Vmware-package-commits cvs commits
Vmware-package-maintainers Reach the vmware-package maintainers
Vrms-devel Discussions about the development of VRMS
Warsync-users Warsync User Discussion
Webapppolicy-project Discussion about Web Application Policy Project
Webapps-common-discuss discussion of web applications and policies
Webapps-common-packages List of packages maintained by webapps-common
Webmail-commits cvs commits
Webmail-devel Development (and user at this point of time) list for the webmail
Webmin-maintainers Maintaining the Debian webmin/usermin/virtualmin packages
Webwml-commits commits
welcome-team Discussion list for Debian Welcome Team
Wnpp-commits commits
women-commits Debian Women website commits
Women-website Debian Women website discussion
Wondershaper-devel Development related discussion of wondershaper
Xbubble-commits CVS commits destination
Xbubble-devel General and programmer discutions
Xfm-commits commits
Xine-lib-commits cvs commits
Xml-dtc-commits commits
Xtank-commits commits
Xword-commits Commit messages.
Xword-devel Developer discussion of xword
Xword-users Help for users of xword.
Yada-commits commits
Yaird-devel Development and packaging of yaird
Yast4debian-devel Internal development list for the YaST2 for Debian portation
yinl-announce yinl update and release announcements list
yinl-commits yinl Git commits
yinl-devel yinl development discussion list
yinl-users yinl users support list

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