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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

(Send questions and comments to

List Description
3dprinter-general General discussion about anything related to the project
Aakash-hackers Hacking Aakash range of tablets
Adduser-commits commits
Adduser-devel Development list
Advacs-discuss General discussion list
Alioth-staff-replacement Discussion of alioth replacement
Alsa-cabal List for discusing the Debian packaging of ALSA
Amavisd-new-commits commits
Amavisd-new-debian-devel Amavisd-new Debian package development
Amiga-fdisk-devel Development list for the Amiga fdisk utility
Android-tools-devel Discussions about development of android-tools
Apt-build-devel apt-build development list
Apt-cacher-ng-users [no description available]
Apt-commits cvs commits
Apt-listbugs-commits commits
apt-offline-devel apt-offline development list
Apt-pixmap-repo pixmap-repository list
apt-proxy-devel Mailing list for development discussions.
Apt-proxy-users Mailing list for user support
Apt-spy-commits commits
Apt-watch-devel Discussion about the development of apt-watch
Apt-watch-subversion Commits to the apt-watch Subversion repository are posted here.
apt-zip-devel Developement list of apt-zip
Aptitude-commits commits
Aptitude-devel Primary aptitude mailing list
Aptitude-svn-commit Commit notices for the aptitude Subversion repository
arandr-announce Subscribe here to receive mails about new releases of ARandR
arandr-users General discussion on ARandR's usage and features
Arcboot-commits cvs commits
Athena-team [no description available]
Auto-apt-commits commits
Autonet-commits commits
Autonet-hackers discussion of Autonet development
autopkgtest-devel autopkgtest development discussion list
axel-commits Axel Repository Commits
axel-devel Axel Developer Discussions
axel-users Axel User Discussions
Babel-commits cvs commits
Babel-users Discussion related to the Babel Routing Daemon
Bash-completion-commits Commits to the VCS coordinating the development of bash-completion
Bash-completion-devel Coordination of bash-completion's development
Belocs-locales-data Discussions about locale data files
Bfm-commit subverstion commit list
BitlBee-announce Announcements for new versions or other important things
Blankon-developers BlankOn Developers
Blend-fluxbox-commit [no description available]
Blend-fluxbox-devel Fluxbox blend development discussion
Blend-storage-devel Storage blend development discussion
Blend-tinker-devel Tinker blend development discussion
Blend-working-discuss Working blend discussion
Blends-commit SVN commits
Bootcd-commits commits
Bootcd-user Mailing list for users of bootcd
Boss-devel BOSS Linux development discussion
Boxer-devel Development of Boxer
bts-link-commits commits mail list
Bts-link-devel Developement Mailing List
Bts-link-upstream Bts Link user on the BTS.
Bts-webui-commits cvs commits
Bts-webui-devel Development of the Web User Interface for debbugs
Bug-triage-commits cvs commits
Bug-triage-devel Development list for the Bug Triage and Development Tool
Bugscan-commits commits
Build-common-commits CVS commit notification
Build-common-hackers List for users and developers of CDBS
Build-essential-commits commits
Buildd-tools-devel Discussions about development and maintainance of sbuild tool and friends
Ca-certs-commits commits
Calendarserver-commits cvs commits
Calendarserver-discuss Groupware related discussions
Calendarserver-maintainers Calendarserver Maintainers
Calypso-commits Calypos Commits Mailing List
Calypso-maint Calypso Debian package maintenance
Cdd-commits Receives commit messages from the CDD code repository.
Channel-debian-de-commits cvs commits
Channel-debian-de-devel FAQ discussion and commits
Chase-commits commits
Checklib-devel Development list of the Checklib project
Chinese-commits Debian Chinese Team - Repository Commits
Chinese-developers Discussion about development of Chinese localization
Chrpath-commits chrpath source commits
chrpath-devel Coordination of the chrpath development.
Cipux-announce Debian Important announcements for CipUX
Cipux-devel Debian related developpement for CipUX
Cis-commits commits
CJKUnifonts-devel Font development discussion
CJKUnifonts-HakkaIM List for the HakkaIM subproject
CJKUnifonts-MinnanIM List for the MinnanIM subproject
Clc-devel For people developing clc or developing lisp libraries to use clc
Clc-users For users discussing clc and related packages
Cloud-packages Maintainer list for cloud packages
Collab-maint-devel Discussing development of the infrastructure for collaborative maintenance
Collab-qa-commits cvs commits
Colorblind-commits cvs commits
Colorblind-devel Main discussion about libcolorblind.
Console-tools-commits commits
Crosshurd-commits commits
Crosstoolchain-logs Cross Toolchain logs
Cupt-devel development and maintenance of Cupt package manager
Cupt-user user questions and discussions related to Cupt package manager
cut-team constantly usable testing team
Cvsdebuild-commits commits
Cwidget-devel Development mailing list for cwidget
Cwidget-users List for users of the cwidget library.
D-community-commits cvs commits
D-community-discuss discussions about
D-community-newbie Debian newbie mailinglist
D-community-offtopic Offtopic discussions happen here. Be excellent to each other!
D-i-bugs Bugs reports and all d-i packages administrivia
d-i-commits Commits to the Debian Installer, base-config and tasksel repositories
D-m-team Debian Maintainer Keyring Team
Da-tools-commits commits
Da-tools-discuss Discussion
Daca-devel Discussion of the development of the infrastructure behind DACA
Daca-general Feedback, general discussion about DACA, and the tools behind it
Darts-devel DARTS development list
Dbconfig-common-changes cvs commits to dbconfig-common
Dbconfig-common-devel discussion of issues related to policy or packaging of dbconfig-common
Dbd-firebird-devel Development of DBD::Firebird
Dbnpolicy-commits commits
Dcc-general General discussion on Debian Control Center
Dcontrol-commits commits
Dcouli-posting-commits commits
Dctrl-tools-commits commits
Dctrl-tools-devel Development discussion and announcements
Dctrl-tools-i18n Internationalization-related announcements and discussion
ddp-build Build errors of ddp (from www-master.d.o)
Ddp-commits Subversion commits
Deb-imgs-gen-devel Devel list of debian-images-generator
Deb-scipy-devel discussion about scipy and f2py packaging
Deb-usability-commits Deb-usability subversion commits
Deb-usability-debtags [Moved to debtags project] Debtags discussion and development list
deb-usability-list Main discussion list
Debbits-commit commits for debbits
Debbuggtk-commits commits
Debbugs-commits commits
Debburn-changes svn commit messages get sent here
Debburn-devel Development of the debianburn, free fork of cdrtools
Debconf-commits Where a log of commits will be send.
Debconf-devel development of debconf
Debconf-howto-commits commits
Debconf-video-commits VCS commits
Debconf3-www-commits commits
Debconf5-team-svn-commit notifications on commits to svn
Debconf6-data-commit [no description available]
Debconf6-team-svn-commit notifications on commits to svn
Debconfsubs-team Mailling list for the subtitle team.
Debcontrol-general General discussion on Debian Control Center
Debexpo-devel Development of the debexpo software
debhelper-devel debhelper developers, including dh_ commands not included in debhelper itself
Debian-amd64-commits commits
Debian-arabic-packages Debian Arabic Mailinglist for packaging
Debian-astro-commits Commit messages of packages maintained by Debian Astronomy
Debian-astro-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-ba-users List Debian Users Bahia Brazil.
Debian-ba-wikipage Project WikiPage
debian-br-commits Debian-BR commits
Debian-br-eventos organização de eventos
Debian-br-geral Debian Brasil
Debian-br-gud-am GUD-BR-AM
Debian-br-gud-ba GUD-BR-BA
debian-br-gud-curitiba GUD-BR-Curitiba
Debian-br-gud-df GUD-DF
Debian-br-gud-es GUD-BR-ES
Debian-br-gud-go GUD-BR-GO
Debian-br-gud-rs GUD-BR-RS
debian-br-team-commits Debian-BR Team SVN Commits
Debian-br-wiki Nova lista de administração do site
Debian-cd-commits commits
Debian-coldfire-commits commit spam for the subversion repository
Debian-coldfire-devel Development of the ColdFire support for Debian
Debian-desktop-commits This lists receives commit logs from
debian-edu-commits commits
Debian-edu-pkg-team Debian Edu Packaging Team -- packaging Debian Edu related software for Debian
debian-edu-security Security team for Debian Edu / Skolelinux
Debian-eeepc-commits Debian-eeepc version control system commit messages
Debian-eeepc-devel Development of CDD for the Eee PC
Debian-ezgo-packaging List for DebianEzGo packages
debian-flyers-commits CVS commit messages for debian-flyers
debian-flyers-devel Discussions and work on the debian-flyers
Debian-HA-Commits Commit notification mailing list
Debian-ha-maintainers Coordination Mailinglist for the Debian HA maintainers
Debian-ha-svn-commits SVN commit messages for Debian-HA
Debian-hackage-maintainers Maintainer address of the packages from the Hackage-Debian project
Debian-handbook-translators Coordination with translators of the book
Debian-hebrew-common Debian Hebrew main mailing list
Debian-hebrew-package Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
Debian-hurd-build-logs Builds logs from the Debian GNU/Hurd autobuilders
Debian-id-commits Debian-ID Team GIT Commits
Debian-id-reference Debian Reference translate English to Indonesian
Debian-id-workers Developers of Debian-ID
Debian-in-commits commits
Debian-in-workers Developers of Debian-IN
Debian-iot-maintainers Debian IoT packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-iot-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of IoT related packages
Debian-islamic-commits [no description available]
Debian-islamic-maintainers [no description available]
Debian-l10n-commits Automated commit notifications for the debian-l10n packages
Debian-l10n-devel Development of tools for the Debian l10n infrastructure
debian-lan-devel Development of Debian-LAN
Debian-lego-team Debian LEGO Packagiang Team
Debian-lex-commits commits
debian-live-changes Debian Live SVN changes
debian-live-derivatives Debian Live Derivatives Discussion
Debian-live-devel Development Discussion and Notifications
debian-med-commit Subversion commit notifications
Debian-med-commits commits
Debian-med-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of medical related packages
Debian-mips-dev-discuss Debian MIPS devel discussion
Debian-mobcom-maintainers Debian MobCom packages maintainers, used for the Maintainer: field.
Debian-mobcom-packaging List for collaborative maintainership of Mobilce Communications related packages
Debian-musician-devel Developement mailing-list for Debian Musicians project.
Debian-musician-fmit Mailing List for fmit package in Debian
Debian-musician-pitchtune Mailing List for Pitchtune package in Debian
Debian-musician-pmidi Mailing List for Pmidi package in debian
Debian-NP-Commits Where the commits in repository are sent
Debian-np-devel Where the bagunca happens
Debian-olpc-commits cvs commits
Debian-olpc-devel development list for debian-olpc
Debian-pan-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-ports-devel Debian Ports official list
Debian-ppc64-devel development list for ppc64 port of debian
Debian-pt-commits commits
Debian-roadmap [no description available]
Debian-rtc-admin BTS mail. Most users should subscribe to instead.
Debian-science-admin debian-science project administration
debian-science-commits Commit messages of packages maintained by Debian Science
debian-science-maintainers Mailing list for maintainer discussions and BTS messages
Debian-science-sagemath Development issues of sagemath and related tools
debian-seattle-social Social meetings, key signings, and other misc.
Debian-sponsors-discuss Public list to discuss general Debian fundraising efforts.
Debian-tex-commits commit messages and diffs for the SVN repository of the Debian TeX task force
Debian-x86-64-devel discussion forum for x86-64 development on Debian
Debian-xcontrol-commits cvs commits
debian-xml-sgml-commit Debian XML/SGML Group source repository commits
Debian-xml-sgml-devel Developer list for Debian XML/SGML Group
Debian-xml-sgml-oasis Debian-OASIS related messages
debian-xml-sgml-pkgs Debian XML/SGML Group packages
debian-yeeloong-project Debian Yeeloong help and discussion
Debian4business-commits cvs commits
DebianArtwork-Admin Admins and Devels
Debianartwork-commits cvs commits
DebianArtwork-Users Users
Debianchile-group Debian Chile Community
Debianchile-livehelpers Lista para discutir la creación de una distro chilena basada en debian
Debianchile-public Debian Chile Public
Debianchile-users Lista para usuarios de DebianChile
Debiandoc-sgml-commit DebianDoc-SGML source repository commits
Debiandoc-sgml-devel Developer list for DebianDoc-SGML
Debiandoc-sgml-pkgs DebianDoc-SGML packages
Debianintro-commits commits
Debianjr-commits Debian Jr. repository commit messages
Debianjr-maintainers Debian Junior Maintainers
Debianutils-commits commits
debianzine-brazil discussions about brasil
debianzine-discuss discussions about
Debichem-devel Debichem development list
Debichem-users Debichem user support list
debimg-devel Discussion of the development of debimg.
Debix-commits commits
Debmirror-commits commits
Debootloaders-devel SVN commit messages of the Debian Bootloaders project
Debootloaders-emile Debootloaders EMILE Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-miboot Debootloaders miBoot Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-silo Debootloaders SILO Maintainers Team
Debootloaders-yaboot Debootloaders Yaboot Maintainers Team
Deborphan-devel Discussions about development around deborphan
Debpool-commits cvs commits
Debpool-devel Discussion about the development of DebPool
Debref-devel Development of the Debian Reference
Debsplash-devel debsplash devel mailing list
Debtags-devel Debtags development list
Debtorrent-commits Subversion commits
Debtorrent-devel Discussions related to the development of the debtorrent project.
Debwebid-discuss Discussions about the use of WebID for Debian community
Debwww-commits commits
Decaf-commits cvs commits
Decaf-devel Development list
Dehs-devel Dehs developer maling list
Demi-commits Commit messages from the SVN repository
Demi-devel Discussion of the design and development of Demi
Demi-user Discussion of the use of Demi
Demudi-commits Subverion commit notifications
dep-commits Debian Enhancement Proposals commits
dep-plumbing Contact point for problems with the DEP wiki and VCS, etc.
Design-devel discussions about design in Debian
devscripts-devel Mailing list for discussion of devscripts development
dex-census cron mail for the derivatives census
Dh-make-perl-commits commits
Dh-make-perl-cvs-dev Announces changes to the cvs
Dh-make-perl-devel dh-make-perl development list
Dh-make-php-commits SVN commit notification
Dh-make-php-devel Development of dh-make-php
Dh-wizzard-commits commits
Dhelp-commits commits
Dict-common-commits commits
Dict-common-cvs CVS activity monitor
Dict-common-dev Development discussion on dictionaries-common for Debian
Diskless-cvslog cvs commit logs
Dmraid-debian-commits SVN commits for dmraid-debian project
Dms-devel DMS Development
Docker-maint Maintain list
Dpatch-commits commits
Dpatch-maintainers list for dpatch maintainers
Dpkg-cross-commit CVS commit list for dpkg-cross
Dpkg-cross-commits commits
DPL-helpers Work coordination between the DPL and helpers
Dput-commits commits
dput-ng-maint dput-ng's maintainer list
Dsc-maintainers Maintainer Team for dsc-statistics
Dugfaq-commits commits
Dugfaq-cvslog CVS commit mails
Dwn-trans-commit cvs commit mails
Dwn-trans-english For collecting typos or understanding problems with the english original
Edos-commits cvs commits
Egtk-discuss General discussion
Emdebian-logs emdebian repository logs
Eoc-commits cvs commits
Evolution-maintainers Mailing list for the evolution maintainers.
Eximconf-commits commits
Eyecatcher-general General discussions regarding the eyecatcher project
FAI-commit git commit mails
Fai-config-dir-commits commits to the fai-config-dir VCS
Fakechroot-commits commits
Fakechroot-user Public discussion about fakechroot
Fakeroot-commits fakeroot SCM commits and such
Fakeroot-devel fakeroot development
File-rc-users mailinglist for file-rc users
Filesystems-devel Discussion about filesystem utilities packaging
Fingerforce-commits cvs commits
Fingerforce-devel Development list
fondue-commits cvs commits
Foo2zjs-commits cvs commits
Foo2zjs-maintainer foo2zjs Maintainers
forensics-changes Debian Forensics Git Commit List
forensics-devel Debian Forensics Development List
Fortune-commits commits
fortunes-fr-announce Nouvelles version et annonces importantes
fortunes-fr-commit Notification des modifications de l'arbre CVS de fortunes-fr
fortunes-fr-devel Discussion à propos de fortunes-fr, pour les utilisateurs et les developpeurs
Freedombox-discuss Discussion of the FreedomBox project
Freedombox-pkg-team For maintenance of packages related to FreedomBox.
Freefont-devel Development list for FreeFonts
Freewx-maint Message board for maintainers of wx and its deps
Friendsofdebian-commit svn commit messages
Friendsofdebian-discuss developer discussion
Fsf-collab-discuss [no description available]
Fusioninventory-bugs FusionInventory Bugtracker notifications
Fusioninventory-commit FusionInventory Commit
Fusioninventory-devel FusionInventory Developer discussion
Fusioninventory-i18n Internationalization and localization
Fusioninventory-user FusionInventory User discussion
G-a-i-devel GNOME Application Installer Development
gcc-doc-devel Development of Free GPL-licensed Manuals for GCC
Gcccvs-commits commits
Gcombust-announce Announcements of new releases.
Gcombust-commits commits
Git-dpm-devel git-dpm development
Git-dpm-user user support for git-dpm
gksu-commits Commits made to the gksu SVN tree
Glibc-bsd-buildlogs Build logs of the GNU/kFreeBSD daemon
Glibc-bsd-commits SVN commits for glibc-bsd
Glibc-bsd-devel Glibc-based Debian GNU/*BSD development
Gnome-btdownload-commits cvs commits
Gnome-btdownload-devel Development discussions
Gnome22-user General list for gnome2.2 backport users
gnuk-users Gnuk and NeuG
Gnulinux-commits commits
Gopher-Project Gopher Project Discussion
Guessnet-commits commits
Guessnet-devel Guessnet development list
Gxset-commits commits
Hardening-commits cvs commits
hardening-discuss Discussion list for the Hardening project
helix-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Helix packages
Hlins-commits commits
Hostname-devel [no description available]
Hotkeys-commits SVN commits for hotkeys
Hwdb-devel Development of the Debian HWDB
I386-uclibc-devel Public discussions on the i386-uclibc port
Ifupdown-devel Debian ifupdown development
Ihwdb-commits CVS commit messages fr the hardware database
Ihwdb-devel Development and discussions for the hardware database
Initscripts-ng-commits VC-commit messages related to initscripts-ng-devel work
initscripts-ng-devel Developer list for initscripts-ng
Inxi-devel Develop list of inxi
Jetring-commits cvs commits
Jetring-maint debian-maintainer and jetring maintainers
kannada-commits cvs commits
Kernel-handbook-general General discussion of the Debian Kernel Handbook
kernel-sec-discuss discussion/commit list
Kernel-svn-changes SVN changes (diffs)
Kernellabo-commits commits
Keyringanalysis-bugs bug report service
kgb-maintainers Maintenance of KGB packages
Kis-bugs Related packages bts subscriptions
Kis-devel KIS development
Kur-i10n Debian Kurdish Translation Effort
L10n-bot-commits cvs commits
L10n-fr-coord-commit CVS coomits related with l10n-french
L10n-fr-coord-commits commits
L10n-indonesian-devel Mailinglist Debian ID L10N Indonesian team
l10n-russian-cvs-commits The list where the CVS commit logs will be posted to
Letsencrypt-devel Debian letsencrypt Development List
Libacpi-devel libacpi development list
Libdebbug-java-commits commits
Libertas-devel development discussions for the libertas project
libhid-announce Releases and other news
libhid-commits Subversion commit list (read-only)
libhid-discuss Discussion about libhid usage and development
libkdtree-commits cvs commits
libkdtree-devel general development discussions
Libmysql-lgpl-commits commits
libpst-commits Source Control commit notifications
Libpst-devel Development discussion for libpst
Licenses-discuss Discuss inspection of licenses and copyight metadata
Licre-commits cvs commits
Licre-devel Development list
Likwid-commit likwid GIT commits
Lilo-test Only for testing mailing lists to find problems
Linest-user Users mailing list
Lintian-commits commits
Linux-target-packaging Debian LIO Target Packaging List
Linux-wlan-ng-devel just for coordinate developers
Lisaac-announce Major news and very important changes in the project.
Lisaac-commits automated commit notification
Lisaac-devel Discussion about technical development topics
List-commits commits
lockdev-devel lockdev development list
Logcheck-commits A mailing list to receive copies of the commit messages.
Logcheck-devel A developers mailing list
Logcheck-users A mailing list for users
Logguard-commits commits
ltrace-commits Ltrace git repository commits
Ltrace-devel ltrace discussion
Lyncee-maintainers List for package maintainers
Magpie-commits commits
Mailvoting-devel A list for discussion of technical issues of mail voting implementation
Mailvoting-discuss A list for general discussion about mail voting
Manpages-de-devel Development of German manpages
meetbot-devel MeetBot development
Megahal-general General list for megahal use/development
Menu-commits commits
Mergebot-discuss General discussion list about mergebot
Metadistros-commits commits
Metadistros-devel List for discussion on Metadistros integration in Debian
Mini-dinstall-commits commits
Mini-dinstall-maintainers The mini-dinstall maintainers
minicom-announce minicom announcements
minicom-commit Notifications about changes in the minicom repository
Minicom-commits commits
minicom-devel minicom developers communication
Minittml-devel List for minittml development and general TTML discussion.
Mirrorer-commits commits
Mod-auth-plain-commits commits
Modass-commits commits
Modass-devel Discussion about concrete development of m-a.
Modconf-commits Commits to the SVN repository
Modvhostldap-devel Development list
Multiarch-devel Multiarch developers list
multignometerm-commits SVN commits
multignometerm-devel mgt developers
Muscleapps-commits commits
Muscleplugins-commits commits
Musiclibrarian-commits commits
Net-ssleay-devel List for net-ssleay development discussions
Netbsd-port-commits commits
netconf-commits list receiving commit emails from the version control system
netconf-devel development list
Netexpect-users General questions regarding the Network Expect framework
Netpbm-commits commits
Netpbm-devel development of this netpbm-branch
Neurodebian-devel NeuroDebian developers interactions
Neurodebian-mirrors NeuroDebian mirrors maintenance announcements
Neurodebian-upstream NeuroDebian upstream developers interactions
Neurodebian-users NeuroDebian users support and discussions
newmaint-site Maintainers of
Newsadmin-commits commits
Nm-templates-commits commits
Nm-templates-discuss Discussion of the NM Templates
Nonfree-discuss Discussion on non-free
Nsspampgsql-devel Developers list for the nsspqsql library
Nstx-ng-devel development mailing-list (french/english)
nut-commits read only - announce SCM (CVS or SVN) commits to closely track nut developments.
Nut-packaging packaging related developments
NUT-tracker Tracker list
Nut-upsannounce read only - announce for new versions of NUT and related software
Nut-upsdev all-purpose development topics.
Nut-upsuser covers most topics not related to development.
OfflineIMAP-project OfflineIMAP help and discussion
Ombudsman-commits cvs commits
Ombudsman-discuss Discussion list
Online-desktop-maintainers Debian maintenance of the Gnome Online Desktop
Open64-commits cvs commits
OpenPGP-applet-devel The DEPRECATED OpenPGP applet development discussion list
OpenRC-devel OpenRC Debian Maintainers
Openstack-devel Tracking bugs and development for OpenStack
Orinoco-usb-commits commits
Oval-commits cvs commits
Oval-devel OVAL architecture development list
Packaging-handbook-commits cvs commits
Packaging-handbook-project Debian Packaging Handbook coordination list
Pancutan-commits cvs commits
Pancutan-devel Development list
Parl-devel Development of DebianParl
Parl-user Support for DebianParl users
Parted-commits List for automated Parted commit notification
parted-devel Subscriber-only development discussion
parted-edge Discussion for matters regarding the bleeding edge version.
Parted-maintainers List for maintainers and developers of the parted package
partial-mirror-commits [no description available]
partial-mirror-devel [no description available]
Pbuilder-maint Development mailing list for pbuilder
Pcproxy-announce Announcements regarding PCProxy
Pcsclite-commits commits
Pcsclite-cvs-commit pcsclite project git commit messages
Pcsclite-muscle Talks about MUSCLE
Perkamon-devel Discussions about development of perkamon (in English)
Perkamon-l10n-fr French translation of perkamon (in French)
Perl-commits Debian Perl5 VCS commits
Perl-maintainers Debian Perl5 maintainers
PET-devel PET developers' mailing list
pf-tools-commits commits
pf-tools-devel Development list
Pgi-devel A list for development and discussion of PGI
Pgp-tools-commit commit messages
php-apt-parser-maint Discussion about maintenance, development and user tasks
Phpgw-packages-commits commits
Pinfo-announce Announcements of new versions of pinfo
Pinfo-devel Discussions regarding development of pinfo
piperka-devel Discussion on developing
Piuparts-commits Piuparts commits list
Piuparts-devel Piuparts development list
Piuparts-reports Reports from running piuparts on
Pkg-a11y-devel development notifications, bug reports, etc.
Pkg-aa-profiles-team Debian AppArmor Profiles Team
Pkg-ace-commits commits
Pkg-ace-devel Debian ACE+TAO package developers list
Pkg-acpi-commits SVN commits
Pkg-acpi-devel developers discussion
Pkg-aide-maintainers aide package maintainers
Pkg-allegro-commits [no description available]
Pkg-allegro-maintainers Debian allegro packages maintainers
Pkg-alsa-devel Development List for Debian ALSA Packaging
Pkg-amule-commits Commit messages for aMule-Package
Pkg-amule-devel Development list of aMule-Package
Pkg-anonymity-tools Public list to discuss pkg-anonymity-tools
Pkg-anthy-devel Debian packaging for Anthy and related packages
Pkg-anthy-japanese Anthyに関する日本語での情報交換
Pkg-aolserver-commits commits
Pkg-apache-commits commit logs to the svn repository
pkg-apparmor-team Debian AppArmor Team
Pkg-asciidoc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-asv-commits cvs commits
Pkg-audacious-maintainers Debian Audacious Packaging Team list
Pkg-augeas-devel [no description available]
Pkg-auth-maintainers pkg-auth maintainers list
Pkg-awstats-commits Git commits
Pkg-awstats-devel Development of AWStats packaging
Pkg-ayatana-devel The Ayatana Packagers devel list
Pkg-azure-team Azure Packaging Team Discussion
Pkg-backup-mngr-commits SVN Commits
pkg-bacula-commits automatic VCS commits
pkg-bacula-devel Discussion on Bacula packaging
Pkg-bareos-devel [no description available]
Pkg-bazaar-commits Commit notifications
Pkg-bazaar-maint Discussion list
pkg-bet-commits BSD ELF Tools Commits
pkg-bet-maint BSD ELF Tools Maintainers
pkg-bins-commits CVS archive
pkg-bins-hackers [no description available]
pkg-bioc-devel Developers
Pkg-bitcoin-commits [no description available]
Pkg-bitcoin-devel Debian Bitcoin Packaging Team mailing list
Pkg-blender-maintainers Debian Blender maintainers' mailing list
Pkg-bluetooth-commits commits to pkg-bluetooth' svn
Pkg-bluetooth-discuss Debian Bluetooth Discussion
Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers Debian Bluetooth Maintainers
pkg-boinc-commits Commits to the pkg-boinc repositories
pkg-boinc-devel General discussion list for BOINC and related packages
pkg-boost-commits Debian Boost Team's commits
pkg-boost-devel Debian Boost Team
pkg-boost-private Debian Boost Team's secrets
Pkg-bouml-commits cvs commits
Pkg-bugzilla-commits SVN commits
Pkg-bugzilla-devel Debian Bugzilla Packaging List
Pkg-cacti-maint Discussion for cacti related packaging
Pkg-cairo-dock-devel pkg-cairo-dock-devel mailing list
Pkg-cas-maintainers Coordination among maintainers of CAS related packages
Pkg-catalyst-maintainers pkg-catalist devel list
Pkg-catalyst-maintaners Maintainers list for pkg-catalyst
Pkg-caudium-talk Talk about packaging of caudium
Pkg-cdrtools-commits commits
Pkg-ceph-commits Ceph SCM Commits
Pkg-cgit-commits [no description available]
Pkg-cgit-devel [no description available]
Pkg-chromium-commit commit
Pkg-chromium-committ [no description available]
Pkg-chromium-maint [no description available]
pkg-cinnamon-team Debian Cinnamon Team
Pkg-citadel-commit SVN changes
Pkg-citadel-devel Main development list
Pkg-clamav-commits List for commits from pkg-clamav repository - no discussion.
Pkg-clamav-devel development of ClamAV Debian packages
Pkg-cli-apps-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-cli-common-commits [no description available]
Pkg-cli-libs-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-clojure-maintainers Clojure packaging in Debian
Pkg-cmake-commits Cmake's GIT commits
Pkg-cmake-team Debian' CMake maintainer's list
pkg-common-lisp-commits automatic VCSs commits
pkg-common-lisp-devel development list
Pkg-coolkey-commits cvs commits
Pkg-corba-commits cvs commits
Pkg-corba-devel pkg-corba maintainers list
Pkg-cpu-commits commits
Pkg-cracklib-commits list where scm commits get posted
Pkg-cracklib-devel pkg-cracklib development list
pkg-cream-team The Cream Packaging Team
Pkg-cron-devel Development list for the Cron package in Debian
Pkg-crossfire-maintainers List to coordinate maintenance of the Crossfire Debian package
Pkg-crosswire-commits Commit notifications to the pkg-crosswire repositories
Pkg-crosswire-devel Crosswire packagers
pkg-cryptsetup-devel development for cryptsetup packages
Pkg-cups-devel mailing list for CUPS maintainers
pkg-curry-commits Commits on Debian Curry Packages
pkg-curry-maintainers Debian Curry Maintainers
Pkg-cvs-commits Commit notifications
Pkg-cvs-maintainers CVS maintainer discussion
Pkg-Cyrus-imapd-Debian-devel Debian packaging coordination for Cyrus IMAPd
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-commits Records Git commits made to the pkg-cyrus-sasl2 repository
Pkg-cyrus-sasl2-debian-devel Development of Debian Cyrus SASL package
pkg-d-commits Versioning system commits
Pkg-d-devel Development
pkg-db-commits Debian Berkeley DB Group SCM commits
pkg-db-devel Development discussion and bug reports for Debian Berkeley DB packaging
pkg-dcc-commits svn commits of pkg-dcc
pkg-dcc-hackers Listed used by the dcc hackers developing the dcc package
Pkg-debile-commits [no description available]
Pkg-debile-team The debile team
Pkg-deepin-devel Deepin related packaging
pkg-dhcp-commits Git commits for ISC DHCP packaging for Debian
pkg-dhcp-devel Development of the ISC DHCP packages for Debian
Pkg-dia-team Dia team maintenance mailing list
pkg-dict-common-cvs CVS activity monitor
pkg-dict-common-dev Development discussion on dictionaries-common for Debian
Pkg-dict-french-commits cvs commits
Pkg-dict-french-devel Pricipale discution sur le coordination des dictionnaires
Pkg-directfb-devel pkg-directfb-devel mailing list
Pkg-dkms-commits DKMS commits
Pkg-dkms-maint DKMS maintainers
pkg-dns-devel Debian DNS packaging
Pkg-doc-linux-commits commits
Pkg-doc-linux-devel doc-linux package development
Pkg-dpdk-devel DPDK packaging team
Pkg-drupal-commits Commit list for the repository messages
Pkg-drupal-devel Discussion on drupal* packages in Debian
Pkg-dspam-commits Tracking checkins to pkg-dspam
Pkg-dspam-misc General Discussion - Debianize DSPAM
Pkg-dspam-patches Patches sent for incorporation into pkg-dspam
Pkg-dssi-devel DSSI package maintainers
pkg-dutch-commit Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-e-commits Debian E17 commits
Pkg-e-devel Debian E17 maintainers
Pkg-eclipse-maintainers Eclipse Package Maintainers
Pkg-electronics-commits cvs commits
Pkg-electronics-devel Developer discussion for electronics packaging team
pkg-emacs-commits [no description available]
pkg-emacs-devel Development list for the Debian GNU Emacs package.
Pkg-emacsen-addons Maintainers list for Emacs addon packages
Pkg-emboss-commits [no description available]
Pkg-emboss-devel Developing Emboss packages for Debian
Pkg-erlang-commits Debian Erlang packages VCS commits
Pkg-erlang-devel Debian Erlang packages developers' list
pkg-eScience-devel Discussion of Debian packaging for eScience
Pkg-escience-soc2009 [no description available]
pkg-eucalyptus-commits pkg-eucalyptus repository commit notifications.
pkg-eucalyptus-maintainers Collaborative packaging of Eucalyptus and related programs.
pkg-evolution-commits pkg-evolution SVN commits
Pkg-evolution-maintainers Debian Evolution Maintainers
Pkg-exim4-commits commits
Pkg-exim4-devel Developing packages for exim v4
Pkg-exim4-maintainers Reach the exim4 maintainers
Pkg-exim4-users User-level discussion and support for the Debian packages.
Pkg-exppsy-maintainers Correspondence with package maintainers
Pkg-ExpPsy-PyMVPA Development and support of PyMVPA
Pkg-exppsy-pymvpa-dev Information for PyMVPA developers (daily tests, commit summaries, etc)
Pkg-exppsy-pynifti User support and developer mailing list
Pkg-fcoe-general Debian FCoE General Discussion List
Pkg-fdt-tools-team Debian FDT tools team
Pkg-fedora-ds-commits git commits
Pkg-fedora-ds-maintainers Maintainers of Debian 389 Directory Server
pkg-fetchmail-maint Bug reports and general maintainance discussions
pkg-fgfs-crew Debian FlightGear Crew
Pkg-fglrx-devel Developpement list for fglrx packaging
Pkg-findutils-commits commits
pkg-firebird-general All discussion related to Firebird Debian packages
pkg-flash-devel Receives bugs and SVN commits for pkg-flash
Pkg-fonts-bugs Bug reports for packages (co)-maintained by the team
Pkg-fonts-commits List for commits to SVN
Pkg-fonts-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
Pkg-freebob-devel Developers and users discussion about FreeBoB on Debian GNU/Linux
Pkg-freeciv-devel Discussion on Freeciv packaging
Pkg-freedesktop-maintainers Maintainers of Debian packages
Pkg-freedict-commits cvs commits
Pkg-freedict-devel Development list
Pkg-FreeDict-discuss List for developers and users of FreeDict databases in Debian.
Pkg-freeipa-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
Pkg-freeipmi-devel FreeIPMI package development
Pkg-freeradius-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-freeradius
Pkg-freevo-commits cvs commits
Pkg-freevo-maint Development list
pkg-friendica-maint Friendica Maintenance Team
pkg-fso-commits automatic VCSs commits
pkg-fso-maint packaging maintainers
Pkg-gajim-commits commits
Pkg-gajim-maintainers Debian Gajim Maintainers
Pkg-galago-commit Commit logs for the pkg-galago packages
Pkg-gambas-commits Debian Gambas Team - Source code commits
Pkg-gambas-devel Debian Gambas Team
Pkg-games-commits Commit Messages from Versioning System Updates
Pkg-games-devel Mailing List for Collaborative Development of Game Packages for Debian
Pkg-games-ubuntu List about Bugs in Games Packages in Ubuntu
Pkg-ganeti-commits cvs commits
Pkg-ganeti-devel Ganeti Packaging discussion list
Pkg-gauche-devel Gauche Debian Package Development
Pkg-gd-commits cvs commits
pkg-GD-devel Packaging of GD and related packages
Pkg-gdb-logs Packaging logs
Pkg-geany-team pkg-geany team list
Pkg-geneweb-translators Communication between package translators
Pkg-getmail-commits commits
pkg-gfs-commits [no description available]
pkg-ggz-commits SVN commit notifications for GGZ packages
pkg-ggz-maintainers discussion among the GGZ package maintainers
Pkg-gimp-commits commits
Pkg-giraffe-discuss Discussing non packaging related topics
Pkg-giraffe-maintainers Packaging related discussions
Pkg-globus-commits commits
Pkg-glpi-maintainers Debian GLPI maintainers
Pkg-glusterfs-devel [no description available]
pkg-gmagick-commit Commit logs to graphicsmagick and imagemagick repositories for Debian packaging
Pkg-gmagick-im-team imagemagick maintainer team
pkg-gmagick-svn-commit commit list
pkg-gnome-commits commits
pkg-gnome-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Gnome packages
Pkg-gnu-smalltalk-commits cvs commits
Pkg-gnu-smalltalk-devel Development list
Pkg-gnupg-commit commit email list for gnupg packaging team
pkg-gnupg-maint maintainer and coordination address for gnupg packaging
pkg-GNUstep-maintainers The Debian GNUstep maintainers list
Pkg-gnutls-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-gnutls-maint Reach the package maintainers
Pkg-go-maintainers Discussion list for members of pkg-go
pkg-golang-commits pkg-golang commits list
pkg-golang-devel Go Compiler Team
Pkg-goodies-el-commits commits
Pkg-google-commits Commits of the Google Open Source Packaging team
Pkg-google-maintainers Maintainers of the Google Open Source Packaging team
Pkg-gourmet-changes recorded packaging changes in gourmet
Pkg-gourmet-devel discussion for packaging gourmet in debian
Pkg-gpe-maintainers Debian GPE maintainers
pkg-gpm-devel Maintainer list for gpm packages
Pkg-graphite-maint General Graphite packaging mailing list
Pkg-grass-devel Development List for GRASS and Debian-GIS
Pkg-grep-commits commits
Pkg-grid-commits Cvs commit notifications
Pkg-grid-devel General packaging discussions, contact address for control files
Pkg-gridengine-commits scm commits
Pkg-gridengine-devel Grid Engine packaging coordination
Pkg-grub-devel Maintaining of Debian GRUB
Pkg-gs-devel mailing list for Ghostscript maintainers
Pkg-gstreamer-commits [no description available]
pkg-gstreamer-maintainers Maintainers of GStreamer packages
Pkg-gtk2-perl-maintainers Mailinglist used for the Maintainer field.
Pkg-gtkpod-devel Development Coordination/BTS mails/SVN commits
pkg-hamradio-commits Commit messages from hamradio package VCS repositories
Pkg-hamradio-ubuntu Ubuntu Launchpad Notifications
pkg-hamradio-user Debian Hamradio Users Mailing List
Pkg-haproxy-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-haskell-commits git commits
Pkg-haskell-maintainers Debian Haskell Maintainers
Pkg-heka-maint Debian Heka, Lua Sandbox, Hindsight and dependencies packaging
Pkg-hhvm-commits HHVM commits
Pkg-hhvm-team pkg-hhvm-team mailing list
pkg-horde-hackers Discussion list for the packaging of Horde in Debian
Pkg-hpijs-commits commits
Pkg-hpijs-devel HPIJS and HPLIP Debian package development
Pkg-hurd-devel Maintaining of the Hurd
Pkg-hy-society Society of Debian Hy packagers
Pkg-ia32-libs-maintainers ia32-libs package maintainers
Pkg-icc-devel ICC profile packaging
pkg-icecast-devel Development of icecast-related packaging
Pkg-icewm-commits commits
Pkg-icu-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-ime-devel Discussion of issues related to Input Method Environment on Debian system.
pkg-inetutils-commits commits
Pkg-inetutils-maint inetutils maintainers
Pkg-ipsec-tools-devel Ipsec-tools/racoon Maintainers
Pkg-irc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-irc-maintainers Maintainer list for our packages
Pkg-iscsi-maintainers Maintainers List
Pkg-isocodes-devel Development of iso-codes
Pkg-isocodes-utils Utilities and libraries for using the iso-codes data
Pkg-italian-commits Commit lots of the pkg-italian subversion repository
Pkg-italian-maintainers Contact list for Debian Italian maintainers
Pkg-itk-commits cvs commits
Pkg-itk-devel ITK Maintainers List
pkg-j2se-devel Debian Package Maintainers for J2SE
Pkg-jack-devel jack packaging development
pkg-java-commits CVS/svn commits for pkg-java
Pkg-java-kaffe co-maintainance of the kaffe package
pkg-java-maintainers Maintainers of Debian Java packages
Pkg-javascript-commits pkg-javascript commit list
Pkg-javascript-devel pkg-javascript main list
pkg-jboss-commits cvs commits.
pkg-jboss-maintainer Maintainer list for jboss package
Pkg-jed-commit Automatic notification of SVN activity
Pkg-jed-devel Development discussion on packaging JED for Debian
Pkg-jed-sl-modules Maintaining the S-Lang modules packages
Pkg-john-commits Commit list for John the Ripper package in Debian
Pkg-john-devel Development issues and CVS mails
Pkg-julia-devel Development list for Debian Julia Team
Pkg-kaffe-maintainers Debian Kaffe Maintainers mailing list
Pkg-kannel-devel Kannel packaging
Pkg-kbd-commit SVN commits and other automatic messages
Pkg-kbd-devel Discussions related to packaging kbd and other console tools in Debian
Pkg-kde-bindings coordination for packaging of kdebindings
pkg-kde-bugs-fwd This list receives traffic from affecting forwarded bugs.
pkg-kde-commits This lists receives commit logs from git/
pkg-kde-extras List for the maintainers of stuff under pkd-kde/kde-extras.
pkg-kde-talk This list is a coordination channel for the upcoming KDE Packaging Team.
Pkg-kde-trunk Change updates of Qt/KDE repositories
Pkg-kmess-devel Mailinglist to discuss about the development of KMess
pkg-kolab-devel kolab debian package development
Pkg-kwiki-devel Mailing list for Kwiki packagers
Pkg-kylin-devel [no description available]
Pkg-leofs-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
Pkg-libatomic-ops-commits cvs commits
Pkg-libburnia-commits Commit messages for pkg-libburnia
Pkg-libburnia-devel Development chat for pkg-libburnia
Pkg-libgcrypt-commits CVS commit list
Pkg-libiptcdata-commits cvs commits
Pkg-libopendbx-maintainers reach the Debian OpenDBX maintainers
Pkg-libvirt-commits pkg-libvirt git commits
Pkg-libvirt-discuss Discuss virtualization in Debian
Pkg-libvirt-maintainers Pkg-libvirt Maintainers
pkg-lighttpd-maintainers Mailling list for pkg-lighttpd maintaining
Pkg-linaro-lava-devel Developing packaging for Linaro and LAVA software
Pkg-linux-maint Maintaining of Linux (the kernel)
Pkg-lirc-changes Changes in the CVS repository
Pkg-lirc-maint List to coordinate Debian maintainance of lirc packages
Pkg-listmaster-commits cvs commits
Pkg-llvm-team LLVM Packaging Team
Pkg-logwatch-general General discussion and commit list
Pkg-loop-aes-commits Changes in the loop-AES repostiory
Pkg-loop-aes-maint List to coordinate Debian maintainance of loop-AES packages
Pkg-ltsp-devel List to coordenate the package development
pkg-lua-devel Discussion on Lua packaging
Pkg-lustre-maintainers Administrative email for Debian uploads.
Pkg-lustre-svn-commit Svn commit mails for pkg-lustre
pkg-lvm-commits [no description available]
pkg-lvm-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-lxc-devel [no description available]
Pkg-lxde-maintainers Maintainers of Debian LXDE packages
pkg-lxqt-devel Discussion of issues related to LXQt on Debian system.
pkg-lynx-commits Diffs for Git Commits of pkg-lynx
pkg-lynx-maint Lynx Package Maintainers
Pkg-lyx-devel Debian LyX packaging discussion list
Pkg-Mactel-Devel Discussions on Mactel software integration
pkg-mad-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-madwifi-maintainers Maintainers of Debian madwifi packages
pkg-maemo-commits cvs commits
pkg-maemo-devel Debian Maemo Development
pkg-maemo-maintainers Debian Maemo Maintainers
Pkg-mailman-hackers Discussion list for the packaging of Mailman in Debian
Pkg-mailscanner-commits commits
Pkg-mailutils-commits commits
pkg-mali-devel Mali packaging project mailing list
Pkg-mame-devel Debian packaging of MAME and related software
Pkg-manpages-fi-devel General discussion about development
Pkg-manpages-fr-commits Git commits
pkg-mate-commits MATE Vcs Commits
pkg-mate-team MATE Packaging Team
Pkg-matrix-maintainers Matrix packaging team mailing list
Pkg-mc-commits Commit mailinglist
Pkg-mc-devel Development Mailinglist for discussion
pkg-mdadm-commits List that receives commits from the version control system
pkg-mdadm-devel List to discuss maintainance and development issues
Pkg-mediawiki-commits [no description available]
Pkg-mediawiki-devel Maintenance team for the mediawiki package
Pkg-meego-maintainers Debian MeeGo Maintainers
Pkg-mesa-devel Development and maintainance of pkg-mesa
Pkg-middleware-maintainers Maintainers of middleware packages on Debian
Pkg-mlmmj-devel Debian MLMMJ Maintainers
Pkg-modperl2-commits commits
Pkg-mol-commits List to receive SVN commit messages from Mac-On-Linux package development
Pkg-mol-devel List to coordinate Mac-On-Linux package development
Pkg-mongodb-maintainers MongoDB maintainers mailinglist
Pkg-monitoring-maintainers pkg-monitoring maintainers list
Pkg-mono-devel General packaging discussions, contact address for control files
pkg-mono-group [no description available]
Pkg-mono-svn-commits Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-moodle-commits List to receive svn commit messages
Pkg-moodle-talk [no description available]
Pkg-mopidy-commits pkg-mopidy repository commits
Pkg-mopidy-team pkg-mopidy team
Pkg-mozext-commits Mozilla extensions maintainers GIT commits
Pkg-mozext-maintainers Mozilla extension maintainers
Pkg-mozilla-bio-maint Maitainers of Mozilla bioinformatics extensions packages
Pkg-mozilla-commits git commits
pkg-mozilla-maintainers Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages
Pkg-mpd-commits vcs commits for mpd related packages
Pkg-mpd-maintainers Debian mpd maintainers
pkg-mt-om-devel Movable Type and OpenMelody Debian package development
pkg-mtpolicyd-maintainers Maintenance of mtpolicyd
Pkg-multidistrotools-commits cvs commits
Pkg-multidistrotools-maintainers Development list
pkg-multimedia-commits cvs commits
pkg-multimedia-maintainers Debian multimedia packages maintainers
Pkg-muse-commits commits
Pkg-muse-cvslog CVS commit logs to the Debian-specific repository of MusE
pkg-mutt-commits VCS commits
Pkg-mutt-maintainers Mutt maintainers
Pkg-mwavem-devel mwavem packaging development
Pkg-mysql-commits cvs commits
pkg-mysql-maint Contact the MySQL maintainers
Pkg-mysql-testresults automated MySQL build results to go here
Pkg-mythtv-commits svn commits from pkg-mythtv
pkg-mythtv-maintainers Maintainers mailing list for pkg-mythtv
pkg-n900-maint nokia n900 packaging maintainers
Pkg-nagios-changes commits to pkg-nagios repositories
Pkg-nagios-devel Team Maintenance of the nagios package.
Pkg-nav-commits SVN commit messages
Pkg-net-snmp-commits commits
Pkg-net-snmp-devel Development of NetSNMP Debian Packages
Pkg-net-tools-maintainers Net-tools package maintaienrs
pkg-netatalk-devel Development of Netatalk packaging
Pkg-netfilter-devel Netfilter package team discussion
pkg-netfilter-team Maling list for the pkg-netfilter team
Pkg-nethack-bugs Bugs on the Debian package of Nethack
Pkg-nethack-devel Common contact point for Nethack Debian package co-development
Pkg-netmeasure-discuss Internet Measure Packaging Team Discussion
Pkg-netsim-devel [no description available]
Pkg-nginx-maintainers nginx maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-devel pkg-nlp-ja development mailinglist for maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-discuss discussion for pkg-nlp-ja maintainers
Pkg-nlp-ja-test [no description available]
pkg-ntp-maintainers Debian NTP Maintainers
pkg-nvidia-commits NVIDIA packaging commits
pkg-nvidia-devel [no description available]
Pkg-nx-commits SVN commit mailinglist
Pkg-nx-group Mailinglist about freenx packaging
Pkg-ocaml-maint-ara-devel Mailing list for discussion of ara development issues
Pkg-ocaml-maint-changes PTS notifications for OCaml related packages
Pkg-ocaml-maint-commits ocaml SVN commit messages
Pkg-octave-commit Git activity notifications
Pkg-octave-devel Development discussion for Octave/Debian
Pkg-ofed-commits Git commits for pkg-ofed
Pkg-ofed-devel OFED and Debian Developement and Discussion
Pkg-ofl-fonts-devel OFL font packaging development
Pkg-openca-devel Private list for developpers of project only
Pkg-openca-users Public list for users of OpenCA's debian packages
Pkg-opencl-commits OpenCL packaging commits
Pkg-opencl-devel Discussion about OpenCL packaging in Debian
Pkg-openldap-commits commits
Pkg-openldap-devel Developer discussions about the Debian OpenLDAP packages
Pkg-openmpi-commits svn commits
Pkg-openmpi-maintainers Discussion and contact list for Debian OpenMPI maintainers
Pkg-opennebula-devel [no description available]
Pkg-openoffice-commits pkg-openoffice VCS commits
pkg-opensc-commit git commit messages for opensc
pkg-opensc-maint Debian OpenSC Maintainers
Pkg-openssl-changes svn commit messages etc.
Pkg-openssl-devel Package Development List for OpenSSL packages.
Pkg-opt-media-team Optical Media Tools Team
Pkg-oracle-maint General list about Oracle in Debian
Pkg-osg-devel Development mailing list for OpenSceneGraph Debian Packages
Pkg-osm-commits [no description available]
Pkg-osm-maint [no description available]
Pkg-oss4-maintainers Oss4 packaging maintainers
Pkg-ossec-devel Development of the Ossec package
Pkg-ossim-devel Discussion list for development of OSSIM related packages
Pkg-otr-team Debian OTR Team list
Pkg-otrs-devel development of the Debian OTRS package
Pkg-owncloud-commits Git/SCM commits in the ownCloud for Debian repositories
Pkg-owncloud-maintainers Maintainers of the ownCloud for Debian packages
Pkg-pagekite-devel Packaging development
Pkg-parrot-devel Debian Parrot Maintainers
Pkg-parsix-commits cvs commits
Pkg-pciutils-commits CVS commit messages
Pkg-pciutils-discuss Discussion list for pciutils packaging
Pkg-pdns-maintainers Reach the Debian PowerDNS maintainers
Pkg-perl-cvs-commits CVS commits
pkg-perl-maintainers Mailinglist used for the Maintainer field.
Pkg-phototools-commits Debian PhotoTools Git commits
Pkg-phototools-devel Debian PhotoTools Maintainers
pkg-php-commits List for PHP Commits
pkg-php-maint List for PHP Maintainers
pkg-php-pear PEAR modules packaging
Pkg-php-pecl PECL modules packaging
pkg-phpgedview-commit Subversion commit notifications
Pkg-pigeonair-commits Commit logs for the pkg-pigeonair packages
Pkg-pigeonair-devel Discussion list for the pkg-pigeonair packages
pkg-pnet-commits Debian DotGNU Portable .NET Commits
Pkg-pnet-devel Debian DotGNU Portable .NET Team
Pkg-postgresql-private Debian PostgrSQL packing - co-maintainers only
Pkg-postgresql-public Public discussion of Debian PostgreSQL package
Pkg-privacy-commits pkg-privacy commit notifications
Pkg-privacy-maintainers pkg-privacy discussion list
Pkg-proftpd-commits commits
Pkg-proftpd-maintainers ProFTP packages maintainace team
Pkg-protobuf-devel Debian protobuf packaging
pkg-pulseaudio-devel Package developement discussion
Pkg-puppet-devel Development of puppet packages
Pkg-python-commits commits
pkg-python-debian-commits commits
pkg-python-debian-discuss Discussion, development and review of Debian Python modules
pkg-python-debian-maint Maintainer list for the python-debian package
pkg-qemu-devel Coordination of qemu packaging
Pkg-qof-commits Revision control commit reports
Pkg-qof-maintainers Debian QOF packaging team
Pkg-r-builders Debian (and other Linux) R Package Binary Builder Discussion
Pkg-r-commits Git commits to repositories
Pkg-r-maintainers Default Maintainer Mailing list
Pkg-rakudo-devel Debian Rakudo Maintainers development mailing list
Pkg-ralink-commits cvs commits
Pkg-ralink-devel Discussion list for ralink debian packaging developpers
Pkg-raspi-maintainers [no description available]
pkg-remote-commits Commits of the Debian Remote Team
pkg-remote-team Debian Remote Maintainers Team
Pkg-request-tracker-commits commits
pkg-request-tracker-maintainers Maintainer's alias
Pkg-roundcube-commits cvs commits
Pkg-roundcube-devel Discussion list for roundcube debian packaging
Pkg-roundcube-maintainers Mailing list for roundcube maintainers
Pkg-rox-devel Development oriented list for pkg-rox
Pkg-rpm-devel Packaging RPM stuff dev list
Pkg-rrdtool-commits cvs commits
pkg-rrdtool-maint Debian rrdtool maintainers
Pkg-rrfw-general General RRFW packaging mailing list
Pkg-rt-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-extras-commits commits
Pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers Maintainers of the Debian Ruby Extras packages
Pkg-running-devel Development mailing list
Pkg-rust-maintainers Rust maintainers ML
Pkg-sage-commits cvs commits
Pkg-salt-discussion [no description available]
pkg-salt-team [no description available]
Pkg-sam-commits commits
Pkg-samba-maint list for discussion among the Samba package maintainers
pkg-sass-devel Development of Sass+Compass packaging
Pkg-scala-commits Scala commit messages
pkg-scheme48-maintainers Maintainers of Scheme48-related packages
Pkg-scicomp-commits Scientific computing packages subversion commits mailing list
Pkg-scicomp-devel Scientific computing packages developer mailing list
Pkg-scid-commits commits
Pkg-science-devel Science packages developers
Pkg-screen-commits commits
pkg-sdl-commits [no description available]
Pkg-sdl-maintainers Debian SDL packages maintainers
Pkg-securepass-commits Git commits
Pkg-securepass-devel Debian SecurePass Maintainers
Pkg-security-team Official Maintainer email for pkg-security
Pkg-shadow-commits Automated commit notifications for the shadow package development
Pkg-shadow-devel Mailing-list for developers of the Debian package for shadow
Pkg-shibboleth-devel Debian Shibboleth packaging discussion
Pkg-shinken-maint Shinken Debian packages maintainers
Pkg-shotwell-maint Maintainers of Debian Shotwell packages
Pkg-silc-commits cvs commits
Pkg-silc-devel Debian SILC development
Pkg-sirius-devel Sirius packaging development discussion
Pkg-sks-commit Commits to SKS SVN Repository
Pkg-sks-submit Submits to SKS SVN Repository
Pkg-snort-commits commits
Pkg-sogo-maintainers Debian SOGo Maintainers
Pkg-songbird-maint [no description available]
Pkg-spca5xx-devel Debian maintainers of spca5xx packages
Pkg-sql-ledger-commit RCS commit messages
Pkg-sql-ledger-discussion General discussion list
Pkg-squeak-devel Discussion mailing list for the project members
pkg-squid-commits Squid Packages Commits List
pkg-squid-devel Squid Packages Maintainers List
Pkg-sssd-devel List for developer discussion, commit msgs and bugmail
Pkg-stud-maintainers Mailing list for stud maintainers
pkg-subversion-maintainers Contact list for Debian Subversion maintainers
Pkg-sudo-maintainers reach the Debian sudo maintainers
pkg-sugar-commit Sugar packaging git commit messages
pkg-sugar-devel Sugar packaging development discussion
Pkg-svgalib-commits commits
Pkg-swan-devel Development list for *Swan IPsec tools
Pkg-sylpheed-commits commits
Pkg-symfony-commits Symfony packages related commits
Pkg-symfony-maint List for Symfony Maintainers
Pkg-sympa-commits Debian Sympa Git commits
Pkg-sympa-devel Debian Sympa Maintainers
pkg-synfig-devel Synfig Animation Studio packaging group
Pkg-systemd-maintainers Debian systemd Maintainers
Pkg-systemimager-commits cvs commits
Pkg-sysvinit-commits Commit messages from the project source repository
Pkg-sysvinit-devel Discussion on packaging and developing sysvinit
pkg-tasktools-discuss Tasktools Discussion List
Pkg-tcltk-commits SVN commits for pkg-tcltk project
Pkg-tcltk-devel debian tcl/tk developers discussion
Pkg-tcpcrypt-discuss discussion about packaging tcpcrypt for debian
Pkg-telepathy-commits git commits
Pkg-telepathy-maintainers List for pkg-telepathy package maintance
Pkg-tetex-commits For every subversion commit, a diff will automatically be sent to this list
Pkg-texlive-maint Maintainer address of the texlive packages
Pkg-tigervnc-devel Debian Packaging of TigerVNC
Pkg-torrus-general General mailing list for discussion of packaging Torrus for Debian
Pkg-torrus-maintainers Reach the torrus maintainers
pkg-tpctl-commits List that receives commit messages from the version control system
pkg-tpctl-devel pkg-tpctl development mailing list
Pkg-trac-commits cvs commits
Pkg-trac-devel Trac Packaging
Pkg-tryton-vcs-test [no description available]
pkg-turbogears-devel Technical discussion on the TurboGears Debian package
pkg-tuxfrw-devel Development of the Debian Package for tuxfrw
Pkg-ulog-acctd-general General discussion about ulog-acctd
Pkg-uml-commit Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers source repository commits
Pkg-uml-devel Developer list for Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers
Pkg-uml-pkgs Debian User-Mode-Linux Developers packages
Pkg-urxvt-maintainers Coordination of package maintenance
Pkg-utopia-commits Commit logs for the pkg-utopia packages
Pkg-utopia-devel Discussion list for the project utopia packages
Pkg-utopia-maintainers Maintainers for pkg-utopia packages
pkg-uWSGI-devel uWSGI packaging development
Pkg-vala-commits cvs commits
Pkg-vala-devel Discussion list for the pkg-vala packages
Pkg-vala-maintainers Maintainers for pkg-vala packages
Pkg-varnish-commits Commits to the repository
Pkg-varnish-devel Coordination of Debian packaging of Varnish
pkg-vdr-dvb-changes List for Changes in CVS-Repository of pkg-vdr-dvb
pkg-vdr-dvb-devel Package Development List for VDR and VDR-related packages.
Pkg-vexim-devel [no description available]
Pkg-vexim-user [no description available]
pkg-vim-group [no description available]
pkg-vim-maintainers [no description available]
Pkg-virtualbox-commits VirtualBox SVN changes
Pkg-virtualbox-devel VirtualBox main list
Pkg-virtuoso-commits Commits of the Virtuoso packages
Pkg-virtuoso-maintainers Maintainers of the Virtuoso packages
Pkg-vnc-commits commits
Pkg-vnc-devel Maintenance of vnc packages for Debian
Pkg-voip-commits Mailing list for SVN commit messages
Pkg-voip-maintainers VoIP package maintainers list
Pkg-vserver-commits commits
Pkg-vsquare-changes Commit logs
Pkg-vsquare-devel [no description available]
Pkg-web2py-devel Development list for web2py packaging
Pkg-webkit-commits git commits
Pkg-webkit-maintainers Debian WebKit Maintainers
pkg-wicd-maint Debian WICD Packaging Team
pkg-wine-party Debian Wine Party (Team/Group)
Pkg-wmaker-commits Git commit messages for Window Maker Team packages
Pkg-wmaker-devel wmaker and dockapps packages developer mail list
Pkg-wmaker-maintainers Maintenance of Window Maker Team packages
pkg-wml-maintainers Debian WML Maintainers
Pkg-wpa-devel WPA Development on Debian
Pkg-x2go-announce Git announcements for packages maintained by the Pkg-X2go Team
Pkg-x2go-commits Git commits for packages maintained by the Pkg-X2go Team
Pkg-x2go-devel All concerns on X2go packaging for Debian
Pkg-xbmc-maintainers Maintainers mailing list for pkg-xbmc
Pkg-xchat-maintainers Debian X-Chat Maintenance Team
Pkg-xdialog-commits Xdialog SVN Commits Notifications
Pkg-xen-changes Team commits to pkg-xen repositories
Pkg-xen-devel Team Maintenance of the xen package.
Pkg-xerces-commits CVS Commit list
Pkg-xfce-commits Subversion repository commit logs
Pkg-xfce-devel Debian Xfce Maintainers
pkg-xiph-commits List for SVN commits of the pkg-xiph project
pkg-xiph-maint List for the Debian Maintainers
Pkg-xmms2-commits cvs commits
Pkg-xmpp-commits pkg-xmpp commit list
Pkg-xmpp-devel pkg-xmpp main list
pkg-xmule-commits CVS commits for pkg-xmule
pkg-xmule-maintainers xMule Debian package maintenance, coordination and discussion
Pkg-xorp-commits cvs commits
Pkg-xt-commits commits
pkg-xtuple-maintainers Discussion of xTuple packaging in Debian
Pkg-zenoss-commits cvs commits
Pkg-zenoss-team Zenoss Packaging Team Mailing List
Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel ZFS on Linux packaging
Pkg-zlib-commits cvs commits
pkg-zope-commits GNU arch commit reports
pkg-zope-developers Zope package(s) developers list
Pkg-zsh-commits commits
Pkg-zsh-devel Development Mailinglist for the Debian packaging of Zsh
PKI-Clean-Room-Devel Development mailing list
Planet-debian-commits cvs commits
Pmount-commits cvs commits
Po4a-commits Cvs commit notifications
Po4a-devel Discussions about development around po4a
Pommed-commits cvs commits
Pommed-devel Development list
Popcon-commits CVS Commit messages for popularity-contest
Popcon-developers A forum for the popcon developers
Pornview-commits commits
Printing-debian-discuss Discuss the Art project "Printing Debian"
py3porters-devel Do Python 3 porting
Python-apps-commits svn commits
Python-apps-team Debian Python Applications Team
python-daemon-announce Announcements related to the ‘python-daemon’ library
python-daemon-bugs Bug tracker notifications for ‘python-daemon’ project
python-daemon-devel Development discussion for the ‘python-daemon’ library
Python-lockfile-announce Announcements related to the ‘python-lockfile’ library
python-lockfile-devel Development discussion for the ‘python-lockfile’ library
Python-modules-commits Debian Python Modules Team - Repository Commits
Python-modules-team Debian Python Modules Team
Qa-commits commits
Qa-debsources Debsources development discussions
Qa-jenkins-dev Discussions for the development of
Qa-jenkins-scm SCM mails for the development of
Quantian-announce Quantian announcements lists (low volume)
Raspbian-devel Topics related to development of raspbian
Raspbian-mirrors for those operating raspbian mirrors
Reportbug-commits Commit messages for Reporbug project
Reportbug-maint reportbug development list
Reportbug-ng-commits cvs commits
Repositories-commits cvs commits.
Repositories-devel General discussion
Reproducible-bugs Bug reports for the Reproducible Builds project
Reproducible-builds Reproducible Builds discussion list
Reproducible-commits Commit messages for the Reproducible Builds project
Resolvconf-devel [no description available]
Restricted-changes Debian Restricted SVN changes
Restricted-devel Debian Restricted main list
Rmrf-commit Commit Mails for the git repository
Rsbackup-maint List for discussing the debian package of rsbackup
Samsaadhani-devel Discussions related to the development of Samsaadhani
sane-announce Release and other important announcements
sane-commit Notices about commits to the SANE git tree
Sane-commits commits
sane-devel Discussion about SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) for users and developers
sane-standard Discussion about the SANE standard
Sargeristatus-commits commits
Secure-testing-changes receives changes files for uploads to the apt repository
Secure-testing-commits commits to the security-tracker repository
Secure-testing-team discussions amoung and with the team
Selinux-announce SELinux on Debian Announcements
SELinux-devel SELinux packaging and policy development
Selinux-user SELinux on Debian user talk
Shootout-discuss Mailing list for discussing benchmarks, implementations, and test methodology.
Shootout-list OBSOLETE - Please use the Discussion Forum
Showme-devel ShowMe development discussion
Simple-cdd-devel simple-cdd development
Siteadmin-commits commits
Skami-contact The mailinglist of Sign key and mail it
Slbackup-bugs Bugreports on slbackup and webmin-slbackup
slbackup-commit Commit messages from the CVS-repository
slbackup-users Anything related to slbackup
Smsclient-devel For discussion of smsclient development
Soc-coordination Coordination of Google's Summer of Code projects
Spip-commits cvs commits
Spip-maintainers Main mailing list for maintainers
spl-discuss General discussion list for software product lines in the context of Debian
Splashy-devel here we discuss about new features and the splash's code
Splashy-users Here users can submit their errors and ask questions
Spoolfax-general public list for general discussion
ssmtp-commits ssmtp svn comits mailing list
Stardata-common-devel Discussion of the development of the stardata common framework
Surfraw-commits commits
Surfraw-devel Surfraw development list for discussion and coordination
Swedish-dictionary Discussssion about the Swedish Dictionary package in Debian.
Swiftsieve-devel discussion and development list
Synaptic-commits commits
Syslog-ng-maintainers Debian syslog-ng maintainance list
systraq-commit Version Control Commit Messages and Diffs
Tahoe-debian Tahoe-LAFS is a secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant filesystem
Teammetrics-discuss Discussion list for Debian Teams Activity Metrics
Template-commits cvs commits
Tetriword-commits commits
Todi-devel Developers list for Todi Linux Distribuiton
Tokyodebian-2005 work submissions mailinglist for year 2005
Tokyodebian-2006 work public mailing list for 2006.
Tokyodebian-2007 mailing list for year 2007
Tokyodebian-2008 Homework postings for tokyodebian meeting
Tokyodebian-2009 Tokyo Debian 2009 list.
Tokyodebian-2010 Tokyo debian 2010 list.
Tokyodebian-commits commit logs for tokyodebian
tryton-debian Tryton package maintenance in Debian
tryton-debian-vcs VCS commits on Tryton packages in Debian
Tts-project Allows users, developpers, packagers and so to share their experience in tts
Turqstat-commits commits
Tux4kids-commits svn commits
Tux4kids-discuss discussion mailinglist for the tux4kids project
Tux4kids-tuxmath-scm tuxmath commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxpaint-scm tuxpaint commit list (not used!)
Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev development list for tuxtype
Tux4kids-tuxtype-scm tuxtype commit list (not used)
ubuntu-dev-team Ubuntu Developers Maintanenance Team
Ucf-commits commits
update-manager-devel update-manager development discussion
Update-resolv-commits commits
Update-resolv-devel Discussion of update-resolv and resolvconf project
Us8181-announce Announce list for the project. New releases, main design decisions, etc.
Us8181-devel development list, subscribe for this list if you want to participiate
Usbmount-commit Automatic notifications of SVN activity
Utnubu-commits Commits to repositories
Utnubu-discuss General Discussion List
Utnubu-maintainers List for package maintainance
Utnubu-svn-commits svn commits in our svn repository
Vamos-commits cvs commits
Vamos-devel Vamos development mailing list
vcs-pkg-commits list receiving commit emails from the version control system
vcs-pkg-discuss Discussions on using VCS for distro packaging
Virtual-pkg-base-commits cvs commits (not used)
Virtual-pkg-base-maintainers Maintainer list
Vlosuts-commits cvs commits
Vlosuts-devel Development Mailing List
Vmdebootstrap-devel Development of vmdebootstrap, patches etc.
Vmware-package-commits cvs commits
Vmware-package-maintainers Reach the vmware-package maintainers
Vrms-devel Discussions about the development of VRMS
Warsync-users Warsync User Discussion
Webapppolicy-project Discussion about Web Application Policy Project
Webapps-common-discuss discussion of web applications and policies
Webapps-common-packages List of packages maintained by webapps-common
Webmail-commits cvs commits
Webmail-devel Development (and user at this point of time) list for the webmail
Webmin-maintainers Maintaining the Debian webmin/usermin/virtualmin packages
Webwml-commits commits
welcome-team Discussion list for Debian Welcome Team
Wnpp-commits commits
women-commits Debian Women website commits
Women-website Debian Women website discussion
Wondershaper-devel Development related discussion of wondershaper
Xbubble-commits CVS commits destination
Xbubble-devel General and programmer discutions
Xfm-commits commits
Xine-lib-commits cvs commits
Xml-dtc-commits commits
Xtank-commits commits
Xword-commits Commit messages.
Xword-devel Developer discussion of xword
Xword-users Help for users of xword.
Yada-commits commits
Yaird-devel Development and packaging of yaird
Yast4debian-devel Internal development list for the YaST2 for Debian portation
yinl-announce yinl update and release announcements list
yinl-commits yinl Git commits
yinl-devel yinl development discussion list
yinl-users yinl users support list

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