[Apt-zip-devel] Re: apt-zip

François Févotte francois.fevotte at ensta.org
Tue Apr 3 20:51:50 UTC 2007


I reworked the apt-zip update action so as not to uncompress the
Packages.[bz2|gz] on the remote machine. Here basically how it works:

1- apt-zip-list only exports the Packages/Source filename without extension
2- method/wget tries to download in order the bzip2'ed file, then the
gzipped and finally the uncompressed file. The downloaded file is
added to the archive 'as-is'
3- apt-zip-inst extracts the archive into /var/lib/apt/lists, then
cycles through the downloaded files to uncompress them according to
their extension

Step 2 required heavier modifications than I would have thought: the
problem is that we do not know the full name of the Packages file
before having downloaded it. I am not perfectly happy with the way I
did things there, but I didn't see any other way to do this.

Attached is a patch against the current svn version of apt-zip (rev.
73). I tested all this and it seems to work fine (even using dash to
check the fetch script against bashisms).

Could you please review it and let me know of your comments / remarks ?

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