[Babel-users] Duplicating externals

Michael Grant mgrant at grant.org
Wed Nov 11 08:38:40 UTC 2009

Thanks for doing all that hacking, definitely things were learned,
certainly on my side!

I spent some time yesterday trying to make this work:

|   C

where the link AB is a bridge (technically it's a bridge over a pair
of Ubiquity Nanos which are not running babel), and the links between
AC and BC are tunnels.  C is a server on the internet running debian.

Babel talks very well between AB over the nanos (which are transparent).

However, I could not get babel to talk AC or BC through a tunnel.  I
tried both a sit tunnel and a gre tunnel.  I can ping and ping6 and
ssh across the tunnels but I don't see any babel traffic across them.

Back to using something like babel-pinger, I have a
"kludge-upon-kludge" working at the moment.  I have a second pinger
shell script that tries to ping an address from A through B to the
internet, if B's internet connection is working, it deletes the
default route from A to the internet directly and creates a default
route via B.  If B's internet connection is down, the script recreates
the default link for A to go direct to the internet.  Then I let babel
propagate the routes.  So far it appears to work.

For me, babel-pinger on this node is only creating a default route to
itself so that babel will pick it up, but my pinger script creates a
default route to an actual place (which then babel-pinger uses for
it's pings).  At this point, I probably don't need babel-pinger at

I'm not sure what the right way to do this would really be but at
least I seem to have something working.


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