[Babel-users] Using 2 radios at either different frequencies or using directional antennas

Don Weeks don.l.weeks.jr at gmail.com
Sat May 15 17:15:10 UTC 2010

I am using multiple radios in my Open-WRT system. 1 is at 2.4G the other is
at 5.8G. Another system has the same radios and a third has only 5.8G. What
I see is that 2.4G radios connect together but the 5.8G radio does not
associate with the 5.8G radio in the 3rd system. Cell IDs show to be the
same and I see what appears to be babel packets going between the 5.8G
radios but I never see a route to the 5.8G only system in either of the
2.4/5.8G systems.

A friend is seeing similar behavior in a 2.4G only system but he has daisy
chained his systems using directional antennas. 2 systems associate but the
third never joins the mesh.

Any hints on set ups like this?

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