[Babel-users] Invalid routes

Don Weeks don.l.weeks.jr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 14:57:39 UTC 2010

I have seen some behaviour that really bothers me with babel 1.01. I
am using 4 Routerstation Pro's with Ubiquity XR2 radios to set up a 4
node system with dual radios. What I see after exchanging some radios,
is that all 4 nodes see each other. However, it appears that some
routes get established in the routing table which are not pingable. I
think this may be due to some radios receiving but not transmitting.
Also, these routes stay in the routing table for hours and are never
removed. My configuration on the radios is simple:

interface wlan0
interface wlan1

I have varying IPs on each of the interfaces and can see the routes
get added to the routing table. However, pinging something appearing
in the routing table results in no returns and also, I can not ping
the IPV6 interface address over the link. On some radios, I can do
both. I am suspecting bad radios but I am concerned that this could
happen to me at any time should I get rid of the bad radios for good
radios. Why would babel leave the invalid links in the table.

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