[Buildd-tools-devel] Preparing a new sbuild release

Roger Leigh rleigh at whinlatter.ukfsn.org
Mon Jan 9 18:44:39 UTC 2006

After all the changes made in December, it would be nice to release
and upload a new sbuild soon.

One major blocker is a regression in the copying of
.dsc/.diff.gz/.orig.tar.gz back from the build tree.  This is due to a
single hunk of the patch in Bug #239339 being reverted during the


Index: sbuild
RCS file: /cvsroot/buildd-tools/sbuild/sbuild,v
retrieving revision 1.52
diff -u -r1.52 sbuild
--- sbuild	9 Dec 2005 09:37:00 -0000	1.52
+++ sbuild	9 Jan 2006 18:41:10 -0000
@@ -1007,7 +1007,11 @@
 		else {
 			print PLOG "Can't find $changes -- can't dump info\n";
+		foreach (@files) {
+			system "mv", "$main::chroot_build_dir$_", "."
+				and print PLOG "ERROR: Could not move $_ to .\n";
+		}
 		print PLOG "*"x78, "\n";
 		print PLOG "Built successfully\n";

restores the functionality, but there are a number of warnings:

| Files:
|  67e6a1cf194a390023c84a5254ceff8b 408 games optional pingus_0.6.0-8.3.dsc
|  e39dbb21ff8067f2e4877146fe622e41 21704 games optional pingus_0.6.0-8.3.diff.gz
|  8ecb82eff1eff6edfafc23b62997b756 731830 games optional pingus_0.6.0-8.3_powerpc.deb
|  da7e112810ee7d1bdc6052b2f8505b30 9391808 games optional pingus-data_0.6.0-8.3_all.deb
| ERROR: Could not move pingus_0.6.0-8.3_powerpc.deb to .
| ERROR: Could not move pingus-data_0.6.0-8.3_all.deb to .
| ******************************************************************************
| Built successfully
| Purging /home/rleigh/build/chroot-unstable/build/rleigh/pingus-0.6.0

The .deb files got listed twice.

This should be a simple fix, I think, but I could use some assistance
in fixing it, and also testing the current sbuild CVS before the new
package is ready for upload.  This is the only regression I noticed
during my own testing that remains unfixed.


Roger Leigh
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