[cut-team] Ideas for the rolling release

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Sun Aug 15 21:34:40 UTC 2010


while reading the backlog I had few ideas/suggestions. First for the poll,
I want to see both "rolling" and the snapshots.

Idea: support only a limited set of architectures in rolling
 - users that want bleeding edge and that can't cope with testing or
   unstable are mainly desktop users and desktop users mainly use
 - it also means simplified management of migrations when rolling get
   updates directly from sid during the freeze

Idea: allow targetted sid backports in rolling during freeze
 - those backports could help disentangle transitions and make it more
   likely to be able to push updates without breaking other packages
 - lucas mentionned this possibility but only for updates requested by
   users, I think it's important for the reason above.

 - I want a usable rolling release but I'm uneasy with the fact that it's
   not testing... the people using rolling should really implicitly
   contribute on improving our next stable release. Ideally, testing
   should be a branch of rolling that starts at freeze time.
   So we should really consider that rolling starts separate because it's
   an experiment but at some point it should replace testing most of time
   except during freeze. Hence it's important to have release managers

 - I agree with Lucas, the snapshot should be date-based: maybe the year
   and then an increment: CUT 10.1, CUT 10.2. Or CUT 2010/1, CUT 2010/2.
   Or something like this.

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