[cut-team] Rethinking CUT

Joey Hess joeyh at debian.org
Fri Sep 10 22:25:41 UTC 2010

Michael Gilbert wrote:
> So, your manifesto identifies these items as the root causes

Not as I understand the term "root causes". Those are implementation

> The existing testing suite already provides a set of constantly
> evolving software releases, how does CUT address this need any
> better?

Not in a form that is constantly usable.

> Since this is new jargon to me, I looked it up in the jargon file [0].
> Since I'm saying that the name should be changed "by fiat" by those in
> authority, I don't see how this fits at all.  There is no other problem
> to fix after the name changes, so there is no recursive nature.  If
> anything, this would be the last step in a yak shaving, not the first.

My estimate for the amount of work required to change the name of
testing, all references to it, etc, is 2 years to infinite. What's yours? :P

see shy jo
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