[cut-team] Daily wheezy snapshot installation media now available

davi at gnu.org davi at gnu.org
Fri Feb 18 23:16:00 UTC 2011

> > IMHO release critical bugs would be one of the good test for CUT. That is
> > to say, if the RC bug is already reviewed-reproduced then what is the
> > point to release with CUT something what does not work?, CUT wouldn't be
> > any different from a testing release, so what would be the point?
> The difference would be that its a constantly usable testing; i.e. it's
> always installable, and semi-stable.  Vice testing, which changes
> four times a day, this will at least be static for a longer timeframe.


> > So, almost the same than testing?
> Yes, a testing snapshot.

So CUT will not offer enough value to me. I will not use CUT.

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