[Cwidget-users] Doctor Mailing List in the United States

nomailhere at 60-242-42-75.static.tpgi.com.au nomailhere at 60-242-42-75.static.tpgi.com.au
Wed Jan 14 05:50:32 UTC 2009

Currently in Practice:  Doctors in the United States 

Physician in over 37 specialties

you can sort by many different fields 

Now offered at the lower rate:  $393

=== Take all 4 items below for F REE when you order <><><>

--> Alternative Medicine

==> Psychologists

-> Physical Therapists

<> Nursing Homes

your contact person is - : Sanderson at expertmediasystems.com
If you order by this Friday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Send email to revoke at expertmediasystems.com for deleted status

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