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Erich Schubert
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 19:08:15 +0200

Frank Gevaerts wrote:
> The group Games, fun and entertainment currently contains 4 packages
> directly, 3 of which are billiards games. There is one other billiards
> game (billard-gl) packaged that I know of, which does not have tags
> assigned yet.=20

If you notice such apps that you do know of, please add the tags.
That would help a lot by helping to find new tags to add.
I just added the "3d, games" tags to billard-gl and foobillard.
When then actually adding the tag it's easier to find which packages
need that tag to be added.

The easiest way to jump to a package you know the name of, btw, is to
just klick on any package edit link and replace the package name in the
URL. ;)

> Maybe these games could be put in 'Action and arcade games', but I thin=
k a
> group 'Simulation games' would be more appropriate (I guess 4 packages
> are not really enough for something like 'billiards games')
> This Simulation group might also be appropriate for flightgear and mayb=
> some others.

I suggest we do add a tag for these.
As applications can have multiple of these tags there might be some
fitting packages in other game categories as well (search and rescue?
that could probably go to action as well as simulation. where's lincity
right now?)

Tag: games::simulation
Implies: games
Description: Simulation games

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