DONE: r599 (Re: [Debburn-devel] Is cleartext planned with wodim -atip fields "Current:", "Profile:" ?)

Eduard Bloch edi at
Fri Dec 8 17:04:40 CET 2006

#include <hallo.h>
* Thomas Schmidt [Fri, Dec 08 2006, 12:23:39PM]:

> Feel free to copy or exploit function  mmc_obtain_profile_name() in
> I hope to have correctly hand-copied the codes defined in MMC-5.
> (The nature of the function makes clear that i cannot claim any
> intellectual property rights for it, even if i wanted.)

Pretty reusable stuff, thank you.

> Anything else about DVD[+-]RW seems to work fine for me.
> Is there a possibility to write to DVD tracks of unknown
> length ? (Like with CD : cat file | wodim dev=... -tao -)

I don't think that TAO is possible with DVDs. The best you could get is
passing the stream size implicitely through the isofs header (the
-isosize option) but AFAICS it does not work yet.


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