[Debburn-devel] Re: README.Linux needs de-FUDification

scdbackup at gmx.net scdbackup at gmx.net
Fri Dec 29 15:59:50 CET 2006


> Note that there also the ATAPI:... device access method using an
> undocumented (?) backdoor, however its usage is NOT RECOMMENDED and the
> support may be removed in future versions.

It seems to use CDROM_SEND_PACKET. I found strong words
by Jens Axboe not to use it for writing at all.

The start of that google endeavor was the stunning fact
that growisofs can talk via a /dev/sr block device on
a 2.4 kernel. A stunt which we SG_IO users could do on
2.6 but not on ide-scsi on 2.4.

Andy regrets the demise of CDROM_SEND_PACKET in
  // was CDROM_SEND_PACKET declared dead in 2.5?

Have a nice day :)


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