[Debburn-devel] What is going on?

Albert Cahalan acahalan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 04:45:06 UTC 2006

I was hoping to spend the weekend working on this.
I still haven't been added to the project (albert-guest),
much less given the ability to commit changes.

Do we have any non-Linux developers or anyone
willing to give out non-Linux accounts? Do we care?

Stable releases need to go on branches so that normal
development and version history won't get ugly.
Excepting well-defined projects involving long-term
multi-developer hacking that is likely to destabilize things,
it's best to avoid doing the mainline development off of
the mainline. See how the gcc project does things.
I've seen the results of doing the hacking on a branch,
and it wasn't nice. You can never merge back to mainline
because you will always want the old code to live on.
Thus the initial branch becomes the de-facto mainline,
most releases are branches off of that, and the very first
stable release has the unusual honor of being on mainline.

BTW, we could use a more informative web site.
This would be nice:

a. user info: tarball download, online documentation
b. dev info: SVN info, mailing list
c. tech docs: links to various standards and OS info

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