[Debburn-devel] cdrkit-1.1.1

Eduard Bloch edi at gmx.de
Tue Jan 2 14:34:54 CET 2007

#include <hallo.h>
* Gabor Z. Papp [Tue, Jan 02 2007, 02:21:39PM]:
> * Eduard Bloch <edi at gmx.de>:
> | > What is the preferred method in this case to tell to the configure
> | > system where are my libpcap files? (They are prefixed with /pkg).
> | make CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/pcap -O2"
> Where can I find some more details about the problem?

Read the INSTALL file. The symptoms are different but the recommendation
should be applicable in your case.

> While using make CFLAGS="-I/pkg/include/ -L/pkg/lib" LDFLAGS="-I/pkg/include/ -L/pkg/lib"
> I'm still getting the error:
> CMake Error: Error: found a Linux system but no libcap header. Install libcap-dev.
> -- Configuring done
> make: *** [build/Makefile] Error 255

Retry after "make clean". cmake caches the values.


OpenBSD fails miserably in this respect, and makes for an example of how NOT
to work with the community on security issues.  Their approach is, roughly,
"we fixed this a while ago but didn't tell anyone, so you're vulnerable and
we're not, ha-ha-ha".

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