[Debburn-devel] Errors when attempting to burn DVDs

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Thu May 31 14:14:22 UTC 2007


> >   growisofs /dev/hdc=dvd.iso
> Claims that the amount to be written is larger than the available
> space on the disk. WTF?
> =====
> # growisofs -Z /dev/hdc=dvd.iso
> Executing 'builtin_dd if=dvd.iso of=/dev/hdc obs=32k seek=0'
> :-( /dev/hdc: 2295104 blocks are free, 2320832 to be written!

Did i miscalculate the hex number reported by wodim ?
I did:  2369BAh = 2320826 decimal.

This indicates the problem is with dvd.iso which is larger
than the usual size of a DVD+R. Not much, but enough to make
it fail.

The capacity "4.7 GB" for DVD means 4.9 billion bytes.
That is 4482 MiB plus some extra bytes.

> may have to swap the drive to my Winbox and burn them over there.

I doubt that any other burner software will help.

wodim got an error reply from the drive when announcing
the size of data to come.
growisofs and cdrskin can avoid this announcement. But that
will at best yield an error and a burn abort after the
maximum possible amount has been written.

You will have to shorten your dvd.iso or have to get
media with more capacity.

Have a nice day :)


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