[Debian-eeepc-commits] [SCM] Maintenance of eeepc-acpi-scripts debian package annotated tag, 1.1.0-beta.1, created. 1.1.0-beta.1

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Thu Apr 2 12:33:42 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, 1.1.0-beta.1 has been created
        at  b0a28cde5be58fb44af7a3d4866c21a545c5796e (tag)
   tagging  25491d9a745863aac6edb4a490ba8ff918edf5ae (commit)
 tagged by  Damyan Ivanov
        on  Thu Apr 2 15:32:10 2009 +0300

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Beta 1 of 1.1.0, uploaded to people.d.o for testing
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Ben Armstrong (13):
      Only suspend when lid is down if a power manager is not running
      changelog for lid.sh, lid
      Saner default/config variables for VGA toggle
      Add changelog for VGA toggle
      Provide defaults in vga-toggle.sh too
      Blacklist useless pcspkr module
      Make re-enabling LVDS-only the default case for VGA toggle
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://synrg@git.debian.org/git/debian-eeepc/eeepc-acpi-scripts
      Update Changelog
      Support ath5k wifi toggling
      Fix detection of rfkill on systems that don't have it
      Fix too-long line in changelog
      Blacklist Master, redundant with Line-Out

Damyan Ivanov (98):
      Initial import of eee-acpi-scripts-1.0
      * Add bash to Depends
      * Make actions do nothing when package is removed
      notify() use return instead of exit as we want to exit only the function, not the script
      suspend.sh: fix detection of running shutdown
      add myself to uploaders
      prepare changelog, 1.0.2
      notify(): Retrieve home directory from "getent passwd"
      add support for the new locations of wireless and brightness control files for 2.6.26 kernels. Closes: 488412. Thanks to Astrid S. de Wijn.
      releasing version 1.0.4
      suspend.sh: lock running screensavers on suspend
      postinst: add WLAN_(IF|MOD) to default variables unless already present
      wireless.sh: use variables for wlan interface and module
      Revert detection of wlan interface and module during postinst
      wireless.sh: add support for RaLink wireless adapter
      move detect_wlan() from wireless.sh to a common functions.sh
      dirs, rules: install functions.sh in /usr/share/eeepc-acpi-scripts
      rules: simplify a bit using PKG and TMP variables
      add missing changelog entries
      move X detection to functions.sh/detect_x_display()
      detect_x_display: support users using 'startx' after console login
      suspend.sh: use detect_x_display for X detection
      hotkey.sh: use $WLAN_IF when checking wireless status
      releasing version 1.0.5
      support toggling of Bluetooth
      functions.sh: add support for toggling the camera
      hotkey.sh: toggle camera with 3rd soft-key
      update changelog; add a note about soft-button #3
      detect_x_display(): pass $user and $home variables to callers
      notify(): pass notifications to gnome-osd-server if detected
      control: add gnome-osd to Suggests
      update changelog
      Add TODO about hot-key action configuration
      add TODO about improving display switching
      add sample code by SynrG for detecting Virtual size
      default: add BLUETOOTH_FALLBACK_TO_HCITOOL variable
      functions/bluetooth: use hcitool only on $BLUETOOTH_FALLBACK_TO_HCITOOL
      hotkey.sh: move bluetooth key handling in a function; detect unavailable bluetooth
      functions.sh: add TODO about suspending bluetooth USB device on module removal
      hotkey.sh: move camera toggling in a function; detect unavailable camera
      default/hotkey.sh: make hotkey actions configurable
      hotkey.sh/default: add handle_blank_screen function, bound to softkey 1 (by default)
      remove TODO about configurable softkey actions. done
      update changelog
      add TODO for suspend.sh to detect running power managers
      add TODOs after Ivan's comments
      add TODO about smarter wireless.sh when the wlan is ra0
      wireless.sh: remove reloading of pciehp module
      wireless: load/unload the wireless kernel module only for madwifi
      TODO: remove 'let ralink hot-plugging do its job' item
      actions/sleep.sh: a script to handle sleep button event
      events/sleep: let actions/sleep.sh handle the sleep button event
      TODO: remove 'suspend.sh should noop if power manager is active'
      functions.sh: support old control node path for bluetooth/camera
      move bluetooth support from functions.sh to etc/acpi/lib/bluetooth.sh
      move camera support from functions.sh to etc/acpi/lib/camera.sh
      durs, rules: install etc/acpi/lib
      TODO: done moving bluetooth/camera functions in /etc
      hotkey.sh: make notify() accept two arguments
      remove empty notify() call on vga toggle
      update changelog
      releasing version 1.0.6
      move notify() to lib/notify.sh
      move audio hot key support in actions/volume.sh
      improve comments about hotkey customizations
      volume hotkeys are configurable now
      move alsa-utils from Depends to Recommends
      prepare changelog
      Handle also Fn+F6. No default binding
      move screen locking from suspend.sh to a function in functions.sh
      lock_x_screen: try locking KDE via dcop; Closes: #499544
      vga-toggle.sh: run detect_x_display before xrandr
      releasing version 1.0.8
      make package removal check depend on the functions.sh, not doc dir; streamline loading of functions and default file
      prepare changelog
      source reorg.: move files for /etc/ in etc/
      add modprobe.d/eeepc file with pciehp options
      add a note in debian/NEWS about the new file in modprobe.d
      prepare changelog
      releasing version 1.0.9
      add missing "--user $user" to dcop invocation. really closes: #499544
      releasing version 1.0.10
      when "soft-disabling" bluetooth, power down the USB interfacce
      update changelog
      close #513551 in changelog
      update changelog
      fix typos in 6d5f53f
      improve long description a bit
      release 1.0.11
      fix wirelss logic for 2.6.26
      remove spaces around '=' when assigning to timeout
      fix brightness notification text
      rename etc/modprobe.d/eeepc to eeepc.conf, adapting to modprobe requirement
      migrate etc/modprobe.d/eeepc to eeepc.conf
      close #518573 (eeepc->eeepc.conf)
      bump version to 1.1.0
      Standards-Version: 3.8.1 (no changes needed)
      postrm: reunite purge with the rest of the cases

Darren Salt (56):
      Update changelog (start 1.0.12).
      Detect user by looking for who owns a currently-running X session.
      Use rfkill (where available) for toggling wireless & bluetooth.
      Ignore events when shutting down or rebooting.
      Give immediate indication of pressing of Fn-F2.
      The same ACPI code may be used for wireless off as well as on.
      Add .gitignore.
      Allow reporting via OSD of brightness changes.
      Notification tweaks.
      Fix spacing in audio muting notifications.
      Correctly report audio mute status when only one channel (of two) is muted.
      Add a bug no. to the brightness change notification changelog entry.
      Apparently, 00000011 is also used to mean "wireless on".
      Cope with the possible presence of mixer control names which contain spaces.
      Made the volume stepping configurable, with the default being hw-dependent.
      Fall back on xtrlock when trying to lock the display.
      xtrlock would (sometimes?) ask for the root password.
      Move the amixer output parsing into a function, removing duplication; remove blank lines.
      Add audio control blacklisting.
      Apply the same volume step for ALC662 as for ALC269 (same reasons).
      Blacklist PCM. No longer any need to special-case ALC269 and (possibly) ALC662.
      Bump the default volume step to 3.125%.
      Changelog entry for ALSA control blacklisting.
      Enable Intel HDA power saving mode by default.
      Prepare for netlink-enabled acpid.
      2.6.28 support (pciehp doesn't have pciehp_slot_with_bus).
      2.6.29 support (pciehp isn't needed).
      Cache control names; avoid calling amixer except to actually alter controls.
      Quote strings to be written to the sound controls cache to preserve line feeds.
      Changelog entry for the audio controls cache changes.
      Remove the audio controls cache file on purge.
      Fix bluetooth rfkill detection (function name was wrong).
      Merge commit '729e756'
      Combine 2.6.28 and 2.6.29 support, and make compatible with 2.6.26.
      Handle sleep button ACPI event when using netlink.
      Merge commit '0443660'
      Merge branch 'support-2.6.28'
      Put the WLAN status flag in a shell variable.
      Report wireless state using the hw state rather than driver presence.
      Use an init script to load pciehp and rfkill-input if needed.
      Update .gitignore.
      Leave the wireless network interface toggling to kernel/BIOS with 2.6.29.
      Test for /sys/bus/platform/devices/eeepc instead of /sys/module/eeepc_laptop
      Fix up loading of rfkill-input.
      Don't do wireless rfkill toggling ourselves if it's handled by the kernel.
      Update .gitignore (again).
      Merge commit '9d49c81'
      Merge commit '94ad7fc'
      Switch to using udev for caching audio control names etc.
      And the symlink in /etc/udev/rules.d.
      Rename the rules file...
      Alter debian/rules according to the previous commit.
      Put the cache file in /lib/init/rw.
      Fix up the postinst script wrt recent changes.
      Remove the now-unused /var/cache/eeepc-acpi-scripts from the .deb.

Nico Golde (22):
      fix bashism in hotkey script
      start aosd_cat in background
      add kill before aosd_cat call and fix changelog, thanks ecc
      adding vcs control fields
      remove trailing whitespaces, does cia work now? ;)
      uncomment show_brightness function and thus removing bash dependency
      foo ignore, just another cia test
      prevent suspend on shutdown, fixing #469505
      setting version number to 1.0.1 to reflect the number of relevant changes for the user
      beginning with vga toggle script
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://nion@git.debian.org/git/debian-eeepc/eeepc-acpi-scripts
      interpret vga status and call xrandr
      do nothing on package removal
      basic vga toggle support should work now
      improve vga toggle support, makeing the command configurable
      fix commenting wrong function
      make the notify function work if osd is not set to yes
      fix display regex
      fixing #485236
      tagged & final revision for 1.0.3
      fix #490055
      policy bump

Raphael Geissert (7):
      test for OSD_SHOWN before checking for gnome-osd for consistency reasons
      Add support for knotify but only use it if aosd_cat is not installed because it is ugly
      Add support for different suspend methods, but keep pm-suspend as the default
      Auto detect the playback devices and the playback switches.
      Fix an error where not all the pswitchs would be unmuted
      Partially revert b216702. SUSPEND_OPTIONS should only be set if SUSPEND_METHODS


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