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2006/12/19, Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>:
> You already explained me the difference between a "traditional" and
> "simplified" way to write Malayalam. What I understand is that local
> authorities have supported the simplified orthography (I guess with the
> intent to improve literacy...something that was done in China in the
> communist years). Am I right?

No.  The alphabet were cut down to fit it into the typewriter and that is
not required any more with the advancements in computing.

Is that what is called "Old Lipi"/""New Lipi"?

Old Lipi is the traditional and New Lipi is the trimmed down one.

Even though I perfectly understand that wanting to keep the traditional
> writing style alive is a perfectly valid opinion (preserve cultural
> heritage, etc.), I have the concern of pragmatism when dealing with
> FLOSS localisation: I want our localisation work to be *used*. So, do
> you confirm me that the choice of the "traditional" orthography will not
> make the Malayalam translation an "elite" translation?

Traditional malyalam is already chosen by malayalm computing community
(blogs, wikipedia ...). And the poular newspapers and other media has used a
mix and it would not be for elite (I can testify my experience as I have
been taught the new Lipi in school and I have no problem using the Old

As Vivek already pointed out the choice of traditional orthography alone
won't block the acceptance.


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