[Debian-in-workers] Bug#375475: Is a separate udeb needed for g-i ?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Jan 2 10:01:15 CET 2007

Quoting Soumyadip Modak (soumyadip.modak at gmail.com):
> I was wondering about bug #376475. Can you have a look at the present
> netinst images and tell me if any Indic language has any problems in
> rendering ? I'm downloading a netinst version too, but it'll take some time
> for me

(adding Davide and the bug report itself to the CC)

Well, the situation about g-i is the following: most Indic languages
(including Bengali) are rendred with ttf-freefont currently.

This seems OK. However, Jamil already mentioned that the rendering for
Bengali could be better, IIRC, but more because of a font *size*
problem than a font *shape* problem.

I bet that, in the future, we will try to replace freefont for Indic
languages by something else (we already use a dedicated udeb for Tamil
and Malayalam).

That "something" could either be some fonts from ttf-indic-fonts (for
instance Mukti for Bengali script) or DejaVu as soon as DejaVu
supports the relevant scripts (which it doesn't yet).

So, about #375475 (not 376475), I'm not sure whether the BR is
relevant anymore. Given that D-I currently llives with Freefont, it
would maybe be better to close it now...and open a new one when we
*really* will need the udeb.


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