[Debian-med-packaging] Please enable auto-building of sift and blimps packages

Andreas Tille tille at debian.org
Fri Mar 16 09:40:56 UTC 2012

[droping some CCs]
Hi Laszlo,

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 10:19:22AM +0100, Laszlo Kajan wrote:
> Uhhhh! That's not good.


> Ok, then:
> => We have to ask FHCRC if they can free up the blimps code. What is the recommended way to do this, then? Is there anything more likely to work
> than just 'send them an email'?

I tried several times using e-mail with about 50% success rate.  I
always copied the mails to debian-med at l.d.o and they usually start with
"I'm writing you on behalf of Debian Med team" which makes the mail
more formal, stresses the existence of more people than just you who
are interested (and perhaps makes Debian Med a bit more popular).

> Perhaps there could be a `XS-Autoinstall-Nonmain-Builddeps: yes' flag?

Guessing from past experience the discussion about this is very time
draining and implementation not very probable in the near future (read
longer than at least one year).  The discussion about non-free
autobuilders itself came up several times and without having checked
the archive it took about ten years until it was finally implemented.

So my assumption is that freeing blimps code might be the more
straightforeward way to go.

Kind regards



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