Bug#548652: new upstream version 2.7.5

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Sun Sep 27 22:39:34 UTC 2009

Package: rasmol
Version: 2.7.4
Severity: wishlist

Just a reminder ... this may also help the gtk-problems previously reported.


RasMol 2.7.5 Features

This release is based on RasMol, the final reference release for the 2.7.4 series.

The changes made between the 2.7.5 release candidate release of 17 July 2009 and the formal release on 23 July 2009 were:

    * Correction to the support for core CIF data file loads that was disabled in the move to CBFlib in place of the internal CIF support.
    * Correction to the CCP4 map read logic in the case of symmetry lines. Thanks to Marian Szebenyi for finding this bug.
    * Clarification to the install instructions for 64-bit unix systems. Thanks to Marian Szebenyi and Mark Diekhans for pointing out the lack of clarity. 

The major changes in RasMol 2.7.5 are:

    * Support for SBEVSL movie commands.
    * Support for Lee-Richards surface approximation by contouring pseudo-Gaussian electron densities.
    * Selection of atoms by proximity to map contours
    * Coloring of maps by the colors of neighboring atoms
    * Significant improvements to the GTK version by Teemu Ikonen 

The SVN at http://sf.net/projects/openrasmol should be consulted for details of the code changes.

Released by H. J. Bernstein 17 July 2009 

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