Bug#606857: vmtk: Depends on hard-coded Python version

Stefano Rivera stefano at rivera.za.net
Wed Dec 15 12:47:04 UTC 2010

Hi Johannes (2010.12.15_11:51:04_+0200)
> Well, I thought that it was only necessary to build vmtk against the
> same version of Python as in the vtk package and since that package
> uses "XS-Python-Version: current" I ended up with "2.6" since the
> "current" keyword has been deprecated.

Aah, that sounds pretty reasonable, except that 2.7 is current in
Ubuntu. As I understand it, current is deprecated because we'd like to
build for all supported versions.

Unless vtk can be built with all supported versions, it may be best to
use pyversions -d instead of hardcoding a value in XS-P-V.

> OK, I must have missed that part of the Debian Python Policy.

It's not really spelled out :)


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