[SCILAB] License of routine rpoly.f

Olivier Robert poutifar at gmx.com
Mon Feb 1 13:49:31 UTC 2010

I'm contacting the debian maintainers of the Scilab package to get some
clarifications about the license of a particular routine used in Scilab.


According to the header included into the file, the code is
copyrighted by the INRIA and placed under the CeCILL license.
It is also stated that the code is from NETLIB : TOMS/493. In fact it
is a modified version of the original code available from

According to http://www.netlib.org/toms/ the "use of ACM Algorithms is
subject to the ACM Software Copyright and License Agreement".
Further information is given on the page
The licence grants the right to execute, copy, modify and distribute
the code and the binary only for non-commercial use. But for
**commercial use, you have to get the authorisation from the authors.**
I'm quite confused by this situation. What licence should I read ?

Best regards,

Olivier Robert

PS :
Please note that I already sent a similar message to the team involved
in the packaging of the software Insighttoolkit. 

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