status of pytables across architectures

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Le Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:26:06 -0500,
Yaroslav Halchenko <debian at> a écrit :

Hello both of you, to prepare the pytables-dbg package, I 've just uploaded
numexpr. I just desactivate the test for now. On my i386 machine the test failed.
So I would like to see if thoses problem are still present in the last numexpr.
But for this we need to wait until numpy 1.6.

So one problem at a time, first add the -dbg package and wait for the new process.
Than we will be able to deal with thoses test with the latest numexpr.

> - armel
>   this one is cool -- lots of actual failing tests  -- please have a
>   look


>   NB IIRC openmoko is armel, and I don't use it ATM so I could
>   theoretically make it available online for
>   troubleshooting/testing if necessary.
> - armhf -- that is the one I troubleshooted with Steve McIntyre
>   still open against gcc
>   for the sake of pytables we might like to disable that test meanwhile
>   for that architecture

yes, I agreed. now all test are failling.
> - mipsel, sparc -- mysterious "bus error" 
>   I guess I would need to take care about those with ports teams and/or
>   rebuilding manually (I recall that previously that helped as a
>   temporary workaround)

I found that sort of thread[1] or [2] when looking for bus-error and mips
it is not very clear, but at least there is some ideas in it. In fact
there is plenty of thoses bus-error messages...


See you


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