Bug#673292: scilab hangs forever on buildds

Andreas Barth aba at ayous.org
Thu May 17 14:48:37 UTC 2012

Package: scilab
Version: 5.4.0-alpha-20120903-33206a8-1~exp2
Severity: serious


in case scilab doesn't work the selected mechanismn to just spit out
things every 10 minutes prevents the build from terminating by itself.
E.g. from today:
buildd2  28179 28152 99 May05 ?        11-21:20:09 /build/buildd2-scilab_5.4.0-alpha-20120903-33206a8-1~exp2-mips-9DAA9u/scilab-5.4.0-alpha-20120903-33206a8/.libs/lt-scilab-cli-bin -ns -noatomsautoload -f

The timeout mechanismn is there to terminate builds which don't behave
and don't terminate. You must not write code which just outputs the
process list every 10 minutes, so that it blocks a buildd for more
than 10 days by just being broken!

Please fix that, and fix that also in unstable.


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