[Debichem-devel] [Debichem-commits] r755 - in /wnpp/bkchem/debian: bkchem.desktop bkchem.mime changelog rules

Daniel Leidert daniel.leidert.spam at gmx.net
Sun Oct 7 22:39:40 UTC 2007

Am Sonntag, den 07.10.2007, 22:13 +0000 schrieb LI Daobing:
> Author: lidaobing-guest
> Date: Sun Oct  7 22:13:32 2007
> New Revision: 755
> URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debichem/?sc=1&rev=755
> Log:
>   * add mime support:
>     + debain/bkchem.mime: added

Uh. This is GNOME <= 2.4 stuff. Please drop it. It makes sense to
support the KDE 3 system, as long as Debian ships KDE 3. But GNOME <=
2.4 stuff IMO is not necessary.

>     + debian/rules: add dh_installmime

dh_installmime doesn't handle this kind of MIME support files. It
handles the metamail (/etc/mailcap) and the shared-mime-info database
(/usr/share/mime/) databases, not the GNOME <=2.4 MIME support system

>     + debian/bkchem.desktop: add mime part
> +MimeType=image/svg+xml;application/x-cdml+xml;

What is application/x-cdml+xml? This format is not defined
in /usr/share/mime/packages/freedesktop.org.xml nor the legacy
gnome-mime-data package.

> +image/svg+xml
> +       ext: svg svgz

This is already defined in /usr/share/mime-info/gnome-vfs.mime. Even if
you want to ship the file, pleaes drop this entry.

> +application/x-cdml+xml
> +       ext: cdml cdgz

As I already said, I don't know this type.

Regards, Daniel

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