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From: Mrs françoise Bigirimana 
Dearest one 
I thank you in the name of the Lord. 
My name is Mrs françoise Bigirimana a citizen of Rep of Burundi, I am asking you for an assistance.I am a widow with a male child (SON) 
I fell sick seven years ago after the death of my husband 
Engineer Alex Bigirimana an Aerocraft Engineer who died in a 
plane crash year 2001. 
This sickness brought my health to a miserable condition 
paralising and dumb , since then I have been living on 
wheelchair and under Medicines which is costing me 400 Euro 
every two weeks. 
Some months ago I ran away from My country Burundi with my only Son to Abidjan-Cote d'Ivoire After a nurse in the hospital 
reveal a secret to me that my situation was caused by my late 
husband Relations who wanted to kill me and my son to take my late husband riches after they have taken all he has in 
My late husband Deposited the sum of $15.5 Million 
Dollars(Fiftheen Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) in a prime bank here in Cote d'Ivoire 
I have visited the bank for withdrawal and they ask me to present the beneficiary of the money whom they will transfer the money to his/her account according to the  agreement bond they made with my late husband at the time of deposit of the money stated that my husband  foreign  partner is the beneficiary while my son is the next of kin to the depositor and the money should be transfer to the beneficiary account for investment . 
This reason is why i need your assistance  to come and represent as my Late Husband foreign Partner to enable the bank transfer the money to you account in your country. 
After the transfer of the money  you will take my son with you to your country for him to continue his education while you invest the rest of the money for him after you might have removed your own percentage. 
I dont think that I will be able to come with you and my Son to 
your country because my doctor here have told me that i have a little time to stay  in my life . 
1)Please Promise me that you are going to adopt my son as yours 
2) You will sincerely handle his investment without cheating. 
3) You will always be his father, mother and sister. 
Waiting for your urgent reply 
Yours Respectfully 
Mrs Françoise Bigirimana

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