[Debootloaders-yaboot] Bug#589701: #589701 not reproducible

Benjamin Cama benoar at free.fr
Sun Sep 19 23:14:50 UTC 2010

unmerge 589701


Le dimanche 19 septembre 2010 à 03:42 -0400, Rick Thomas a écrit :
> Synopsis:  I tried an install.  It failed.  But the 
> /target/etc/yaboot.conf is "correct" in that it does not contain spaces 
> in the wrong places or use /dev/disk/by-uuid to identify partitions.

So this is definitely not the same as #580455. I'm unmerging it (even if
#580455 should IMHO be a RC bug too for squeeze; this one is, isn't
it ?).

> The problem that caused the failure is that ofpath can't handle the lack 
> of /proc/scsi/scsi and fails.
> Joseph Jezak has a re-written ofpath that may solve this problem.

I /think/ that Joseph's patch (or some equivalent) is already in the
latest yaboot version (1.3.15). So, if Aurélien is updating yaboot next
week, this bug /should/ be fixed. I'll check further when I'll have
time, tomorrow.

> Bottom line: The version of yabootconfig used by the Debian Installer is 
> not creating mangled yaboot.conf files.   The mangled yaboot.conf that I 
> reported in bug report #580455 must be coming from somewhere else.

Note that yabootconfig is _not_ used in the debian-installer, it's a
custom script made for yaboot-installer that is run (and which says,
BTW, in essence, that yabootconfig is crap…)

The mangled yaboot comes from linux-base, as I discovored in #587290
(which should definitely be merged with #580455; I'm doing it right


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