[Deborphan-devel] Bug#658972: [Bug 951430] [NEW] deborphan is not multiarch-aware

Carsten Hey carsten at debian.org
Sat Mar 10 12:22:57 UTC 2012

* Ralf Hildebrandt [2012-03-10 10:15 -0000]:
> It seems that deborphan cannot properly distinguish packages from
> different architectures.

dpkg/experimental can't properly distinguish packages from different
architectures too, but the upcoming dpkg 1.6.2 upload to Debian (this
weekend or beginning of next week) is expected to change this.

Given that the new dpkg upload results in dpkg having a consistent
interface (there is a workaround that could be applied to orphaner for
a possible insane apt-get command line interface), it's time for
a deborphan upload adjusted to the ne dpkg interface shortly after this
dpkg upload and asking for an freeze exception for Ubuntu.

After deborphan being multiarch-aware we should think about uploading
newer code, forming a deborphan maintainer team (there is already
a team, but it only has one member) and handing over deborphan to this


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