[Dehs-devel] ppl: New upstream version available

Raphael Geissert atomo64+debian at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 19:40:25 UTC 2009


2009/12/7 Michael Tautschnig <mt at debian.org>:
>> Hello,
>> The Debian External Health Status system (a.k.a. DEHS) has found a new
>>  upstream version of the package ppl in the unstable distribution.
>> The current package version is 0.10-1 and latest by upstream is 0.11~pre9.pip.
> [...]
> ???
> Pardon, but Debian only has 0.9-5 (stable), 0.10.2-3 (unstable), and 0.10.2-3
> (testing) since quite some time now. Furthermore, as of 0.10.2-3 the watch file
> has been changed such as not to check for PPL snapshots anymore and only report
> new stable versions. Which watch file is DEHS using?

I'm already aware of at least two more cases of old versions being
stored by DEHS.
I first though it was directly related to the fact that DEHS now only
keeps the information of the first source package entry it finds on
Sources, but it seems this it not the case.
I can't connect to alioth from where I am so I can't tell for sure
what's going on.

I will send an email to -devel as soon as I fix the origin of the problem.

> PS.: Please keep me CC'ed, I'm not subscribed to this list. Thanks!


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