[dpl-helpers] (quite broken) reimbursement procedures

Lucas Nussbaum leader at debian.org
Sat Oct 12 09:43:05 UTC 2013


I just had a conversation with DSA about reimbursement procedures.
Notes below. Is someone interested in working on that?
A first step would be to talk to SPI, FFIS, debian.ch, Debian France
to determine what is possible.

Problem statement:
- Reimbursements sometimes take a very long time. As an example, in 10/2013, a DSA member
  is still waiting for ~400 EUR for the reimbursement of expenses for the DSA sprint that occured
  in 06/2013.
- Reimbursement process is time-consuming. (with FFIS, need to snail-mail receipts)
- It is not acceptable to expect project members to pay in advance large amounts of money on a
  regular basis, especially when reimbursement takes a very long time.

Possible solutions (in braindump mode, not all solutions might be realistic):
- give a Debian credit card to a DSA member that will be used for all DSA purchases
- use the credit card that was created for Amazon (which is unused as Amazon refused it)
- have a TO provide virtual credit card numbers on-demand (Debian France could probably do
  that, but is not officially a TO yet)
- increase redundancy at TOs so that reimbursements are processed faster
- provide a delayed-charge credit card to a DSA member, so that reimbursements arrive before
  the charge
- accept scans instead of hard copies of receipts


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