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Thomas Nauke thomas.nauke at
Mon Nov 29 14:58:05 UTC 2010

Many Thanks for your Work. I did my first videorecording with dvswitch
in end of october with the version from ubuntu repositories. 
The recording worked surprising easy and well. 
Today i managed to install from the git repository. Dvswitch is a nice
 I'm not a experienced Programmer, but would like to help. 
Is there something i can do?
Thomas Nauke

Am Montag, den 29.11.2010, 04:00 +0000 schrieb Ben Hutchings:

> Over this past week I had hoped to do some serious development on
> DVswitch.  I have not made as much progress as I hoped, but I have
> implemented an important piece.
> We now have an firewire source that runs as an RTP/RTSP server and does
> not depend on dvgrab.  Since this runs as a server, it can be started at
> any time - no need to script it.  It's not complete as we don't yet have
> a way to control tally lights over RTSP.  Also you can't set the
> listening port, but that's trivial to fix.  This is currently built as
> 'dvsource-firewire-rtsp'.
> Our other two important sources are dvsource-file and dvsource-alsa.  I
> believe the former can be replaced by an RTP/RTSP file server such as
> live555MediaServer.  The latter is still to be done.  We should also
> replace dvsource-v4l-dv, but I'm not sure anyone's actually using that.
> Petter?
> Since the Alioth (FusionForge) tracker is a pain to use, I'll briefly
> summarise what I think are the immediate tasks to be done:
> 1. Implement an audio buffer in the mixer, independent of video frames.
> 2. Support audio-only sources in the connector and mixer (depends on 1).
> 3. Add a per-source delay value in the mixer.
> 4. Reimplement dvsource-alsa as an RTP/RTSP server (depends on 2 and 3).
> 5. Complete the source configuration UI.
> 6. Implement persistence of source configuration (i.e. load and save).
> 7. Define and implement tally light control within RTSP.
> 8. Drop the old source protocol and clients (depends on 4-7).
> If anyone would like to take on some of these tasks, please speak up.  I
> can provide some guidance, but you must be prepared to work a lot of it
> out yourself.
> Of course I really want to sort out sinks as well.  I'm a bit nervous of
> recording over UDP, and there is no implementation of the RECORD command
> in RTSP!  So perhaps we should do it this way:
> - Make the mixer an RTP/RTSP server.
> - Reimplement dvsink-command based on openRTSP (this is a utility
> included in the liveMedia package).
> - Implement file sinks within the mixer.  Anyone who wants to record
> remotely can use a network file system or network storage protocol.
> Does that sound like a workable plan?
> Ben.
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