[Fingerforce-devel] fprint software to be removed from next stable release

Dererk dererk at madap.com.ar
Thu Aug 19 20:06:00 UTC 2010

Hi there!

As we all know, the fprint software, even though works very smooth and
nicely, is not yet mature enough for Squeeze release, the next stable
candidate for the Debian Project release.

Later on Debconf8 (2008) we pushed the fprint software into unstable
(consequently letting it get into testing), with a little help of
AurélienJarno(libusb maintainer), so we could expand the availability to
a wider range of users looking forward to improve software's quality and

As a consequence, I'm filing a dummy «serious» bug and I'll be asking
Release-Team to remove the fprint software from next stable release.

Users interested on using this software on the next stable release will
have to fetch them from either backports (that we would provide), or
unstable/testing (after being released).



-- BOFH excuse #62: need to wrap system in aluminum foil to fix problem

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