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Mason Loring Bliss mason at blisses.org
Fri Jul 6 23:17:25 UTC 2012

On Fri, Jul 06, 2012 at 06:30:00PM -0400, Michael Gilbert wrote:

> Would it really lead to a "ruinous" confluence of negative events if the
> FSF were to recommend Debian main (even though contrib/non-free continue to
> exist quite separately)? Or have the indirect consequences of the FSF's
> long-standing divisiveness against friends been a far greater detriment to
> their real goals?

I think we're here, now, and regardless of the past, we're seeing interest
from both sides in resolving some differences.

Perhaps the piece you linked on non-free games indicates a softening of the
stance; regardless, there's a definite opportunity to align the two projects,
which will ultimately have the effect of getting free software and the notion
of self-determination into more peoples' hands: Debian demonstrating that a
group of skilled volunteers can produce world-class software, free and built
with free tools, and with a reliability unique in the industry, and the FSF
providing tools and inspiration, and educating people about the amazing
things they can do if they share their intellectual wealth.

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