Serious network problem, don't upgrade your kernel!!

Robert Millan rmh at
Sun Oct 16 10:44:24 UTC 2005


We have found a very serious network problem that affects recent (5.4) kernel
versions.  It seems to affect everyone.  When it happens, network connections
behave unreliably.  Ping usualy works, but data transfers get interrupted
randomly, making an update virtualy impossible.

I haven't yet determined which is the first broken version.  Untill we find out,
I strongly recommend that you:


In case you're affected, you can get a temporary working system by following
these steps:

  - Get any version of the install CD (see  Even versions known to
    produce broken installs are ok, since the rescue kernel is not the same as
    the installed one.

  - mount /cdrom
  - rm -rf /boot/kernel
  - cp -a /cdrom/boot/kernel /boot/
  - umount /cdrom
  - reboot

After this your system should work well enough to access the network and restore
it with sane images (when they're available).

Robert Millan

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