non-blocking dependencies

Troy Heber troy.heber at
Tue Aug 16 17:17:59 UTC 2005

I think there is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed before any
major improvement of intscripts can happen. As far as I can tell, currently,
there is no way for an init script to have a dependency on "networking". 

For example I have a machine with multiple interfaces that connect to
different networks. The problem is the ifup call starts the process of
bringing up the interfaces but has no way to block until all of the
interfaces are up and functional. Especially if they are all DHCP and the
DHCP servers are slow to respond. 

This makes it impossible for a init script to depend on networking because
it may run before the network is fully accessible, even if its S99. 

Overall, I think that any new system needs to spend some serious time working
on dependency issues.


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