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The United States is currently awash in Zionist journals posing as conservative journals. One of the more dangerous is “American Thinker”. It is extremely dangerous precisely because it is so competently done. “American Thinker”, as anyone who peruses it quickly discovers, is a fanatically pro-Israel journal. It is at great pains, not merely to blame the Arabs, but to discredit paleo-conservative anti-semitism. Thus, there is an article dated January 10, 2009 by a Mr. Bruce Walker entitled “Jews and Bolshevism; Falsely Accused”. The article is rather intelligent. It admits a great many verifiable facts, while attempting to minimize or misinterpret them. Thus, Mr. Walker does not deny that a not inconsiderable number of the early Soviet commissars were Jewish but employs the usual technique of claiming that these renegades were traitors to the Jewish religion. That claim is more than dubious, given the number of Jewish Communists, such as Kadmi-Cohen and Alfred Nossig, who claimed that the socialism of the Prophets and the socialism of Marx were one and the same. Mr. Walker then claims that Stalin purged the Jewish Communists by the late 1930’s. That is false. As Yuri Slezkine shows in “The Jewish Century” the percentage of Jews purged in the 1930’s was actually far less than the percentage of other groups purged, such as Ukrainians, Poles and Russians. Also omitted from Mr. Walker’s discussion is the fact that the post-WW2 satrapies installed in Eastern Europe were all heavily dominated by Jewish commissars. Walker charges, correctly, that the Communist Party took the side of the Arabs during the 1929 Wailing Wall riots., describing the Arabs as victims of Jewish aggression. What he omits is that during the 1936-1937 Arab rebellion in Palestine that the Party changed its line somewhat. The Party argued that the Arabs and the Jews should stop fighting and collaborate against the real enemy, the capitalist British. Why did the Party change its line? Many Communist Jews who were also Zionists had been deeply offended by the Party’s pro-Arab position. To avoid alienating them, the Party tried to reconcile them without abandoning the Arabs. Thus, Mr. Walker’s attempt to equate pro-Arabism with pro-Communism is sleight-of-historical hand. He also mocks Adolf Hitler for claiming that there was a Jewish international of finance capitalism collaborating with Jewish Communism. Walker ignores that Jewish historians like Norman Cantor have said exactly the same thing.

Another revealing “American Thinker” article, dated May 14, 2008 is entitled: “Triple Cross: How Britain Created The Arab-Israeli Conflict” by Rachel Neuwirth. The article begins with a long attack on the British describing, accurately enough the innumerable crimes and oppressions committed by the English in building their empire. Then Miss Neuwirth cleverly proclaims that these same double-dealing English “stabbed the Zionists in-the-back” by abandoning the Balfour Declaration with their 1939 White Paper, which renounced any intention of creating a Jewish state in Palestine. In other words, Miss Neuwirth is attempting to argue, in effect, that the British betrayed the Jews in Palestine the same way that the British betrayed the American isolationists into World War Two. Thus, the Jews instead of being the bad guys named by Charles Lindberg as being responsible for American entry into the war become instead common victims of the British, just like the Americans. That is truly inspired Talmudic twist think history, with a transparent political agenda in mind. “American Thinker” also has articles arguing that the Arab expulsion into the desert in 1948 was: (1)a myth or (2)the fault of the British. Still other articles discuss the Jewish Section of the Soviet Communist Party, the Evsektsia. Thus, “American Thinker” claims, accurately, that the Section aimed to integrate the Jews into the Communist Party, that it suppressed the Jewish religion, the Hebrew language and Zionism but that it promoted Yiddish theatre and Yiddish Communism. But “American Thinker” still insists that Jews had no particular affinity for communism and that the “Jewish-Bolshevik” charge is a myth.

Another excellent indication of the Zionist agenda hiding behind “American Thinker’s” kosher conservatism is the people it attacks. Senator Joseph McCarthy is condemned just like Anne Coulter. Both are “counter-productive. Both are a discredit to true conservatism. Both are pseudo-intellectual. It is easy to see why “American Thinker” does not like McCarthy and Coulter, just as it has reservations about Patrick Buchanan. All three of the individuals described are well aware of the “Jewish angle”. Most of the Communists exposed by McCarthy were Jews. Miss Coulter, although she plays the “Islamo-Fascist” card to get published, is a friend with Joseph Sobran, the former National Review editor who is a Holocaust Denier. Patrick Buchanan’s closet sympathies are only too well known. “American Thinker” is a very dangerous publication. It is superbly written, it contains a great deal of very factual information and it mixes these ingredients with large doses of Zionist propaganda and slanted reasoning. The facts are used to enhance the credibility of the propaganda.

One cannot avoid the conclusion that “American Thinker” is a determined effort at damage control. The Zionists know full well that the facts are out of the bag now on some very touchy subjects. They cannot deny the facts like they used to. Therefore, the next best approach is to admit the facts, minimize them as much as possible and slant them, if at all possible, in a direction best calculated to serve the interests of the state of Israel. That is kosher conservatism at its finest-and “American Thinker” is a sterling example of the genre.

The writer is a regular contributor to ZioPedia.org.

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