[Ltrace-devel] s390{,x} ltrace testing status

Joe Damato ice799 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 01:16:49 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:02 PM, Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> wrote:
> 18.11.2010 11:34, Petr Machata wrote:
>> 17.11.2010 05:11, Joe Damato wrote:
>>> I managed to get access to a few different architectures via the GCC
>>> compile farm to test ltrace. These are my findings.
>>> Architectures I could not get access to and have not tested:
>>> s390
>> I have an access to this, will try it before weekend.
> I checked my test-fixes branch.
> s390x (64-bit) is fairly broken in the parameters.exp area, but that was
> expected.  That would need another week or so of hacking in the same spirit
> that I've done for x86 and ppc.
> The rest of tracing is sound, including your libdl test, with an exception
> of syscalls test, but that's just because s390 has different syscall naming
> scheme in a couple syscalls.  That is rather easy to fix, I've got it on the
> s390 branch that is forked off your "test" branch.

i've pulled the commits in from your s390 branch. thanks!

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