[Ltrace-devel] can't read ELF entry

Petr Machata pmachata at redhat.com
Wed Nov 2 13:36:31 UTC 2011

Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> writes:

> Imre Deak <imre.deak at gmail.com> writes:
>> tracing some programs in Ubuntu Oneiric/x86_64 like totem or firefox
>> gives no library call trace. I got the same result with the ltrace version
>> from git:
> For totem, I'm not sure what's going wrong.  On Fedora, this works, but
> when I download the Ubuntu binary, which (mirabile dictu!) actually
> works with Fedora libraries, I get the same as you (tracing syscalls
> works, but no PLT probes get installed).  I'll take a look at that.

It's a PIE binary.  We don't handle those.  I posted a patch a couple
years ago, but it never got integrated and would be obsolete by now.

I'll add that to my TODO, but that touches on a more general problem of
tracing PLT calls from shared libraries in general, and that requires a
bit more thorough solution than the quick hack that I posted back then.


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