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Tue Oct 16 10:18:52 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues,

I spent a little time this weekend with XML-RPC, writing a plugin
for Ikiwiki[0]. I used to hate XML, but I guess that's mostly for
the same reason that I hate PHP and MySQL: it tends to attract
idiots and be overused. Put differently, if used properly, it's
actually quite powerful.

0. http://ikiwiki.info/plugins/rst/index.html

I couldn't help but think about netconf, specifically netconf's
control socket, for which currently there exists a rudimentary
protocol I designed myself. Even though the requirements aren't
rocket science and I already adhere to the same rules/"standards" as
our debian/control files (pseudo-RFC 822), I am starting to think
that I should be using XML-RPC instead, simply because it's made for
*exactly* this kind of stuff, and it's standardised.

I am interested to hear any thoughts on this.

What about D-Bus? I am explicitly deciding *against* D-Bus on the
control socket for one simple reason: D-Bus is a complex system for
routing messages from one sender to zero or more recipients, and
every message passes through the D-Bus daemon. I have a gut feeling
against a D-Bus dependency, and the extra, unnecessary complexity of
having a message router in the middle when there will only ever be
one recipient (netconfd) for messages sent from any of the
N clients, isn't exactly appealing.

But I certainly see a netconf-dbus component linking into the daemon
and listening for messages from the D-Bus router, or a D-Bus
listener connecting to the control socket and translating D-Bus to
XML-RPC, and vice versa.

Comments welcome,

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