[parted-devel] New GNU Parted Website

Anant Narayanan anant at kix.in
Mon Sep 25 10:40:55 UTC 2006

Hi Leslie!

> * The "Repository" section should be merged with the "Downloading"
> section, which in turn should be renamed to "Downloads".


> * I have talked to Savannah people and they said SSI were available.

That's great! I have reworked the website to take advantage of that.
The header, sidebar and footer are common to all pages. Also, we'll
have to change only one
file when we next release a version of GNU Parted, and it will be
displayed appropriately on all the pages.

I have assumed that all pages that end with .shtml will be
pre-processed by the Apache server. Of course, we could also make use
of the `XBitHack' directive.

> * The introductory text should include pointers to the other sections in
> English sentences.

Done. I didn't do a very good job of that though!

> * The whole thing must work out nicely in text browsers (the most simple
> and most popular of which is probably Lynx).

I just checked the pages on lynx and links, and they look great to me :)

>    I especially like the links on the top to GNU, the FSF and related
> projects (this should become a separate section in any case, though).

I added a new "Links" section.

Oh, and my web server does not have support for SSI, so I won't be
able to update the copy on kix.in. I have a working copy on my local
server though; let me know when we can upload the new site on
Savannah, and I'll be glad to setup things there directly.


- Anant

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