Bug#539578: [pbuilder] Non-functional if aptitude uninstallable (even in classic mode)

Jason Heeris jason.heeris at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:16:35 UTC 2009

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> I don't feel that sympathetic here because I'd rather have functional
> aptitude in sid all the time, and working around it isn't my priority.

I can understand that... I mean this is really more of a feature request
for a *contingency* rather than for normal operation. Realistically
aptitude in sid only becomes uninstallable for a few days every couple
of years, if that.

> However, that said, it seems like aptitude is not strictly required to
> be installed, yet it is explicitly installed in create / update. I
> don't quite remember why I added it, because
> pbuilder-satisfydepends-aptitude does try to install aptitude.

Feel free to change this to wishlist or minor, but I thought it was
worth bringing up since the documentation (at least to me) implies that
there is a workaround (ie. PBUILDERSATISFYDEPENDSCMD).


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