[Perkamon-devel] Linux man pages translation to Spanish

Francisco Javier Cuadrado fcocuadrado at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 11:21:25 UTC 2011


I'm an active member of the debian l10n Spanish team and I would like
to translate linux man pages to Spanish.

Some time ago I tried to talk to Dennis (who is CC'ed) about it,
because I want to use perkamon infrastructure, but Dennis was away and
we can't talk anything. So now I'm trying to contact directly perkamon
project, hoping that someone can hear me and help me.

I see what you have in your Git repositories and I know how perkamon
works (more or less), but I want to propose you my desired workflow so
we can collaborate in, my opinion, a better way. Here it is:

  - Use a Git repository to store po4a configuration files and
Makefile to generate POT files. (Done)
  - Use a Git repository to store generated POT files, so any
translation team can use it without knowing how POT files are
  - Each translation team must create his own Git repository to store
PO files and what they want, it could be a Makefile to generate man
pages and pack them, or something similar.

With this workflow, in my opinion, we could have a better and
distributed organization.

In debian l10n Spanish team, we are discussing it now, and we hope to
collaborate with perkamon instead of creating our own linux man pages
translation project. So what's your opinion?


PS: I'm not suscribed to perkamon mailing list, so please CC'ed me.



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