[Pkg-alsa-devel] Toward an alsa-tools release

Mikael Magnusson mikaelmagnusson at glocalnet.net
Fri Jul 15 22:22:54 UTC 2005

On Fri, Jul 15, 2005 at 08:48:34AM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> Dear all!  In case you hadn't heard, Mikael Magnusson's alsa-tools 
> Debian package has been added to the svn tree.  Now that we have made 
> the decision to package this software for Debian I would like to see it 
> get released without any unnecessary delay.
> Please svn up in trunk and review the packaging files.  And please test 
> the package if you can!  I have read through some of the files and have 
> made a few minor changes; but the more eyeballs are better.
> > The patched driver and modified EMU10K1.conf are needed to support the
> > prologic decoder and surround51 output with the same DSP code, since
> > the front channels of surround51 shouldn't be routed to the prologic
> > decoder.
> >
> > We should not use the modified EMU10K1.conf until it's supported by
> > the emu10k1 driver in Debian.
> I assume that when upstream applies the patch it will also make the 
> required changes to EMU10K1.conf.  So we do not have to divert the file.
> MM: If this reasoning is sound, can you please remove the diversion code 
> from ld10k1?

I have removed the diversion (revision 1157) and moved EMU10K1.conf to
the examples directory.

(I'm going on a trip and won't be able to read or answer emails for a
couple of weeks.)


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