[Pkg-alsa-devel] Bug#428477: Acknowledgement (Crackling and noise on playback with Intel HDA chip & new ALSA)

Mike Kasick mkasick at club.cc.cmu.edu
Thu Jun 14 20:28:05 UTC 2007

Hmm, looks like this one was partially my fault.

I had forgotten when I first submitted this bug report that I had
encountered a similar problem with cracking/noise in some applications
when I first installed Debian on this computer a year ago.

The solution I discovered at the time was to load the snd-hda-intel
module with the parameter "position_fix=3" which appeared to solve the
problem until I upgraded libasound2 a few days ago.  For some odd
reason, using the "position_fix=3" module parameter with the 1.0.14-1
library had the opposite effect--it produced cracking with every

Anyways, I removed the module parameter and upgraded to 1.0.14a-1, and
everything appears to be working just fine.

Thanks for the clue.

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