[Pkg-bazaar-maint] Bug#454504: closed by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at vernstok.nl> (Unable to fix)

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at debian.org
Wed Apr 29 21:27:38 UTC 2009

Roland Mas wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij:
>> Alternatively, do you think it would perhaps be useful if bzr warned
>> when it had to do a slow conversion when fetching?
>   Maybe, but if the dichotomy slowly disappears and most of the
> repositories are either created or converted to the rich-root world,
> then I can understand that there's no real need to go to extra effort
> for what's essentially a disappearing problem.  Unless the rich-root
> variants won't be made the default for some time yet.
Yeah, the plan from upstream is to have this happen soon. squeeze will
have a rich-root format by default one way or another, if I can help it.



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