[Pkg-bluetooth-maintainers] Problems with dund , debian squeeze , "phonet-at"

Sergio Vergara arkanox at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 05:02:51 UTC 2010

Hi !

I have problems with dund when try connect to my palm treo 680(also
with tungsten T2) in my debian testing(squeeze).

My line of dund : dund --nodetach --listen --persist --msdun call treo

The log of bluetooth :

dund[15159]: Bluetooth DUN daemon version 4.66
bluetoothd[15144]: link_key_request (sba=00:02:72:02:12:20,
bluetoothd[15144]: Unable to spawn pnatd: Failed to execute child
process "/usr/bin/phonet-at" (No such file or directory)

I have searched in google for "/usr/bin/phonet-at" and and I have not
found solution for my problem.

In another computer with Archlinux i dont have problems with
connecting to treo. Archlinux packages version of bluez is 4.77-1 but
i look "/usr/bin/phonet-at" in filesystem of Archlinux and can not

I try with packages of debian unstable but not working.


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