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cacti (0.8.8a-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Use ts to timestamp poller errors in cron when available and add moreutils
    to suggests.
  * Add suhosin.memory_limit to cron and poller (Closes: #566609)
  * Add dependency on ${perl:Depends} as the dependency on perl was missing
  * Use a template based on config.php for debian.php creation to include
    non-database options and get rid of 01_config.php.patch by creating link
    to debian.php instead. Update two dependent patches.
  * Add different sub folders to local resource in d/dirs
  * Add cacti.sql_ensure_cron_works.patch to prevent failure of crontab after
    install as the paths to rrdtool and php are not set.
  * Add cacti.sql_drop_tables_to_begin.patch patch to work around bug 665742
    where dbconfig-common does not drop the tables during reconfigure so we have
    to do it on population of the database to prevent errors.
  * Update d/copyright to include proper license info for jscalendar and
    treeview (this last one needs action). Also update Cacti's license as it
    has been GPL-2+ all along.
  * Readded debconf question option for lighttpd lost in commit 98fed9b while
    preventing the need to call for new translations. Use lower-case apache2 and
    lighttpd as package names at the same time.
  * Update 08_563955_local_data_id.patch with upstream bug number
  * Improve rra removal on purge (one higher level directory) in postrm

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