[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Packaging Sword modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 29 00:37:47 UTC 2009

Norbert Bollow wrote:
> In summary (and yes, this is also repetitive, but some degree of
> repetitiveness is unavoidable before any kind of consensus can
> be reached) I think we should take the following steps:

No. This is actually not repetitive. The subsequent suggestions show
that you listened and take serious what we are concerned about. My
exasperation was with the apparent _lack_ of real listening.
> a) Package current software versions without referring in any way to
>    module packages (not even with "Suggests:") and get these updated
>    software pachages into Debian and Ubuntu, including backports.


> b) Make sure that going forward, new releases of Debian and Ubuntu
>    will not contain module packages.  (But don't take any action
>    regarding module packages which are already out there, as part
>    of already-released distro versions, since for users who have them
>    installed already, forcing installed modules to be uninstalled
>    automatically would probably be unjustifiably disruptive.)

Yes (on both counts)

> c) After the more urgent tasks of points 'a' and 'b' are complete,
>    work with the upstream developers towards resolution of the
>    incompatibility of sword's module package management system with
>    the idea of module packages which are installed by a distro's
>    package management system.

If this is possible without upsetting the current level of function and
without diminishing the experience for our non Debian/Ubuntu users, yes,
I think you will be able to convince the others at CrossWire.

> d) When point 'c' is complete, start providing a module packaging
>    script, so that it can be used by anyone who wants to distribute
>    modules in package form either locally, or in "nasty or remote
>    areas of the world", or otherwise as part of some kind of custom
>    distro for a particular purpose.

Yes - see c)

> Blessings and greetings,
> Norbert

And to you


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